Disabled Driving Test with Motor Vehicle Hand Controls

Becoming disabled and wishing to drive again means facing different challenges in order to gain back (or even begin) the ability to drive once more.  To able to complete your driving test whilst utilizing motor vehicle hand controls is one important aspect of this process.

It’s important to note a few things about the laws regarding driving as a disabled person, the test itself, as well as basic steps on learning to drive once more.  A lot of good but basic information is below, and after this article it may well be worth checking out different parts of this website because it covers all areas of disabled driving.

Disabled Driving Test with Motor Vehicle Hand Controls

Disabled Driving Test with Motor Vehicle Hand Controls

Firstly, with regards to the law, driving as a disabled person in both the US and UK is allowed under all circumstances of disability unless your disability significantly increases the chance of you causing an accident.

An example would be if you’re prone to blackouts or seizures in which case depending on the severity and frequency you may or may not be allowed to drive.

In most situations with normal paraplegics you shouldn’t have a problem unless you have other illnesses which make driving a dangerous proposition; in this case I certainly would not recommend driving – for your safety and that of others.

When it comes to the driving test one question which I get asked all the time is whether you can use your motor vehicle hand controls with the answer being yes, obviously you can!  It surprises me that people even ask.

Disabled Driving Test using Motor Vehicle Hand Controls

Remember that disabled equality laws allow for complete even treatment to use during the test.  You may use your hand controls, and as long as you perform to the standard that a non-disabled driver does who also passes then you too should also be passed.

Will you face discrimination?  Yes, there’s certainly a possibility of it, but just remember that you’re protected under the law and you can certainly threaten and initiate a law suit if malpractice and discrimination have occurred.

Picking between the different types of hand control can be tough, personally we suggest looking into the benefits of permanent hand controls for motor vehicles – and we believe that under most circumstances that permanent models are superior to portable ones.

Another aspect of finding permanent (and sometimes portable/mobile devices) is in locating a disabled car dealership for motor vehicle hand controls.

But again, there’s a lot you need to understand about finding one, discussing prices as well as the different costs which constitute the total cost of the hand control model – remember that it’s not just the price of the device itself, but also the installation which tends to cost around 50% of the total cost.

It’s important to find out about the different types of motor vehicle hand controls so that you can pick the device which best suits your specific requirements.  Although most people will need a two handed model specifically for paraplegics there are plenty of situations where the disability allows for greater control of the vehicle – as well as less control.

Finally learning how to drive with vehicle hand controls is one of the most important parts of getting back behind the steering wheel as a disabled driver.  There are different approaches to take and different amounts of money to spend and this disability help website addresses them all.

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