Disabled Drivers using Menox Mobility Aids

There are many reasons for disabled drivers using mobility aids by the manufacturer Menox, as well as reasons against.  Like every manufacturer it has its positives and negatives and the question you need to ask yourself is if they’re right for you.  In this instance it’s a matter of balancing the costs involved, the benefits as well as the restrictions.

This page is going to go over which of the different handicapped driving equipment is going to be most suited for who, essentially I’m going to outline which mobility aids are the best, why they’re the best and most importantly who they’re the best for.  I’ll start with their main device – the hand control, and then move onto the peripheral devices such as their steering wheel knobs and disabled pedals.

Disabled Drivers using Menox Mobility Aids

Disabled Drivers using Menox Mobility Aids

I’m not going to bother talking about some aspects of Menox Driving Devices such as how the hand control has mechanical linkage for ease of use.  If you don’t know enough about Menox’s products then you can find out more about them on our website, then it would be best for you to come back here.

One of the aspects which makes their hand control special is the customization options which allow for different angle placements, left or ride side positioning, non-intrusive installation as well as aesthetic customization possibilities.

Angle placement is very much an aspect of comfort which may not seem like it would make a significant difference, but does affect driving; especially if you’re at it for a long time.  If the lever is at an angle which awkward to your wrist it means you can’t relax your hand on the handle on the lever – overtime this will be very annoying and can even lead to hand cramps.

Disabled Drivers using Menox Mobility Devices

Disabled Drivers using Menox Mobility Devices

The positioning on either the left or right side is useful for those who are right/left handed, or are simply more comfortable using it with one hand over another.

Non-intrusive installation means that the mechanical linkage (which spans from the lever to the pedals) isn’t around the leg area.  In most competitor hand controls they can constantly rub up against the legs, as well as cause issues when entering and exiting the vehicle.

The aesthetic customization options refer to the ability to change not only the color, but the patterns and even the material of which the handle on the lever is made of thereby blending into the ‘feel’ of the vehicle.

The other main Menox Handicapped Driving Equipment the steering wheel knobs and the handicapped driving pedals are where there’s really nothing special.

The only aspect of the steering wheel knobs worth mentioning is the fact that some models can incorporate secondary car function buttons which allow for the driver to control aspects of the vehicle such as the turn signals and headlights.

Aside from this there’s nothing particularly unique or ‘special’ as it were, their pedals and knobs are very much in line with what most other manufacturers are doing.  Partly because there’s not much else you can do with a knob designed for helping to turn the steering wheel but also because their main focus has, and still is, on their hand control.

If you already have a set of hand controls, or you’re planning on purchasing some, it may be worth checking out our page on Learning how to use Menox Driving Controls if you want to get to grips with being able to drive the Menox hand control.


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