5 Steps to Make Your Home More Wheelchair Friendly

Here’s my list of 5 easy steps to create a wheelchair friendly home for you or your loved one.  Just a few small home improvements can turn an obstacle hated house into a friendly family home.


Electronic Stair Lift


Carrying a disabled person upstairs is a difficult and tiresome struggle, in many cases wheelchair users tend to stay on the bottom floor simply because of the difficulties involved.

Many mobility centers sell and install stair lifts, generally costing at least $3000-$4000.  They’re especially useful for opening up the house and allowing handicapped people to be much more independent within the home.

Ramps, Ramps, Ramps!


Ramps more ramps and then a few more ramps.  You can’t go wrong with more wheelchair accessible ramps!  Outdoor ramps leading up to your front door, as well as portable foldable ramps for outdoor excursions are all incredibly useful for wheelchair users.

When purchasing ramps for use while travelling on excursions or vacation choose a foldable, lightweight version which can be stored in your vehicle.  For home use there’s no such need – however if you do buy a portable lightweight wheelchair ramp you can then use that same ramp for outdoor trips instead of purchasing two.

Reach Extenders


Sometimes the simplest invention can make all of the difference in the world.  Being wheelchair bound turns quite simple tasks into arduous problems to endure.  Simply reaching items within your home can cause huge problems.

Reaching Aid - Mobility Equipment

Reach extenders can extender someone’s reaching length by up to around 20 inches.  This allows people with this household aid to reach into (and even open) shelves as well as reaching around the floor.

They tend to be super lightweight because they’re made from aluminium, and the end grip is coated in rubber or other non-slip materials so as to allow safer picking up of items.

Car Transfer Seats


Many wheelchair users benefit from using hand controls for cars for driving to work.  However exiting the vehicle is a slightly different matter, and car transfer seats are a useful tool in allowing for a stressless and effortless exit.

GuidoSimplex Fixed Car Transfer Seat SEG-01

The GuidoSimplex Fixed Car Transfer Seat SEG-01

These can be manual transfer seats or electric car transfer seats and a variety of products are sold by different manufacturers.

Bathroom Aids


There are many types of bathroom aid but by far the most important are the handles and rails.  These serve as both something to grab onto in an emergency, for example while slipping – as well as to help the user with day to day use.

The next important safety bathroom aid would be non-slip mats, which when used in conjunction with safety rails and handles can protect elderly or disabled people from the vast majority of potential falls.