Disability Hand Controls Kits for Cars and Handicapped Drivers

When it comes to buying hand controls kits designed to be used with car by handicap drivers there are two different types of disability equipment you need to be made aware of.  Find out more below.

There are two things which this can refer to – there are hand controls for disabled driving which are installed within the vehicle.  These can be permanent, portable or semi-permanent by how they’re fitted.  Each has their own definite downsides and advantages.

Or you could be thinking of equipment and aids within the car which helps the driver and makes things easier for him/her.  These could be simple pieces of gear such as swivel seats – these help the driver get in and out of the vehicle by a rotating mechanism.

I’ll concisely go over the different sections within each of the two ‘types’ so as to help direct you to the main pages on this website.

If you’re looking for portable hand controls which have the advantage of being cheap and easy to remove and reattach then the best places to look for the cheapest prices are on the internet.

If you’re after permanent or semi-permanent handicap hand controls then the best thing to do is to go to a local disabled car dealership.  This type of driving aid cannot be found on the internet because they require professional installation.  The best manufacturer for semi-permanent is GuidoSimplex – if you’re looking for fully permanent than Menox or Veigel are the best out there.  On the other hand if you want something which is a compromise between reasonable price and decent quality than I’d recommend Monarch of Mobility Products and Design.

If you’re after handicap car equipment then I don’t see too much point in recommending brands because you’ll be using websites to purchase them.

This has a lot of added advantages including a low price and the ability to check out user reviews.  This allows you to be able to find out what other people in similar situations feels.  If it’s right for them then there’s a good chance it will be right for you.  Furthermore you’ll have the ability to find the cheapest products on the internet which means that you’re able to get the best value that you can.

Some good examples of this type of disability driving equipment are reach aids, swivel seats and transportable foldaway wheelchairs.  When you’re in the car you need everything you get muster to make things as easy as possible.

The swivel seat which I’ve mentioned a few times may seen unnecessary, but believe me when I say that when you have hand controls in the car in definitely comes in useful.  To start with these controls usually are hanging around your legs, and they’re a heavy metallic linkage.  Getting out of the car can be made very difficult because it’s easy for your legs to get trapped in between the links.  If you have a seat which can quickly rotate you 360 degrees you’ll find it much easier to exit the vehicle.

When you’re in your vehicle reaching behind you or to the side of you can be very difficult, but with a reach aid you can extend your arm’s length by several feet allowing you to reach most places within the car.

Foldaway portable wheelchairs are a must for a lot of people, getting there’s just the start of your journey.  Getting out requires help, but also once you are out having a lightweight wheel is very useful in terms of travelling once you’re at your location.

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