Different Types of Motor Vehicle Hand Controls

There are several variations upon the types of hand controls for motor vehicles and I’m going to be going over the different types so you can better understand the differences.

There are three main categories, firstly there are the differences in the installation, second is what requirements the device caters for and finally there’s the different technology types utilized in the function of the hand control and in this article I’m going to concisely look over everything so as to give you a better understanding.

Different Types of Motor Vehicle Hand Controls

When it comes to the installation there are portable and permanent installations.  Portable devices are attachable and removable in just a few minutes and as long as you know what you’re doing there’s nothing stopping you from using them.

Permanent installations really have two different variations, there are the regular permanent installations which do not allow for able bodied driving.  Then there are semi-permanent installations of the motor vehicle hand controls which allow for the disabling or releasing of the action parts of the hand control which allows for able bodied driving, whilst most of the equipment lies in place still.

I would say that semi-permanent installations are the best because they have the advantages which permanent installations offer while allowing for regular driving if required.

It might definitely be worth checking out our page on the disabled driving test with motor vehicle hand controls if you’ve got your set installed but haven’t taken/passed the test yet.

When it comes to the requirements there are hand controls which allow for brake only, acceleration only or complete control of the vehicle.  This is particularly useful for those who are still able to use one leg because it makes for a significantly easier driving experience.

Different Types Motor Vehicle Hand Controls

There are lots of benefits of permanent hand controls for motor vehicles and it’s my recommendation that you check them out, portable devices are good in some circumstances but I wouldn’t recommend them for the majority of people; especially if you’re looking at doing a lot of driving.

At this point it might be worth checking out our page on locating a disabled car dealership for motor vehicle hand controls if you want to find out the methods for finding the most shops, as close as possible as well as why this is incredibly important.

Finally there are the different types of technology used, and this start with basic non-assisted manual hand controls, move up to mechanized hand controls (which utilize mechanical linkage), electronic devices and then finally hydraulic hand controls.

There are lots of different aspects for driving as a handicapped person, but actually learning how to drive with vehicle hand controls is probably one of the most important.

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