Different Types of Monarch Hand Controls

When it comes to Monarch there are four different types of handicap hand control which you need to be aware of.

Just remember that these are all permanent installations and require a trained mechanic for installation, this is important for factoring in labor costs when making your decision.

  • Firstly there’s their standard push/pull model which is actually a little bit of a misnomer because you don’t push/pull horizontally forwards and backwards you actually push forwards to brake and pull downwards to the floor to brake.
  • Next there are break only hand controls which are operated by just pushing forward, these are perfect for those who can still use one leg to use the acceleration pedal but aren’t able to use the brake.  What’s more is that if your good leg becomes unusable at some point down the line you can simply attach the acceleration section and don’t have to buy an entire new model.
  • The push/rock hand control by Monarch is similar to the push/pull aside from you actually pull horizontally backwards as opposed to into the floor.
  • Finally their Mark 1A hand control is their ‘best’ at the moment and its supplement by mechanical linkage which means driving is easier and requires far less force.  This makes driving not just safer, but far more pleasurable and less of a sweat worthy choir.

I would recommend Monarch MPS if you want decent hand controls at reasonable prices.  If you’re looking for the best out there then you’d better look else, but one thing you have to remember is that they’re not a premium product.

When you purchase a Veigel model you’re getting a premium hand control and you pay 3-4 times the amount of money because of this.  On the other hand Monarch is a compromise between decent quality at affordable prices – and for most people this is the ideal situation.

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