Differences Between Permanent and Portable Vehicle Hand Controls

When you’re picking hand controls for your vehicle you’re presented with two main choices to begin with; portable or permanent hand controls, and it’s important to find out the differences between them so you can make the right decision for your situation.

Generally I would say that permanent devices are going to be the best option, but there’s no doubt in my mind that portable models are also going to be useful for many people.  In this article I’m briefly going to go over the differences, as well as who would benefit the most from each type and why.

Differences Between Permanent and Portable Vehicle Hand Controls

Portable hand controls can be removed from the vehicle in their entirety to allow for able bodied driving, and do so without needing professional assistance.  Permanent installations require a trained assistive technology mechanic for removal.

The advantages of having a removable set are numerous, starting firstly with their very cheap price.  You can purchase a standard set for around 250 dollars and certainly won’t pay more than 350 dollars at the most.  Generally fixed installations cost at least 600-700 for the basic designs.

Another advantage is that their purchase is easy and hassle free, only requiring you to make your order on the internet.  It’s then delivered to your house, with an instruction manual, and you can proceed from there with installing your disabled vehicle hand controls.

There’s certainly a big sense of freedom for disabled driving and being able to drive once more or even just starting is a big and important step for the equality journey which handicapped people embark on.

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One of the disadvantages of using portable devices is that they’re very limited in customization and functionality.  They’re limited in customization because their placement and height aren’t usually adjustable which can make driving for long periods tiring.

With regards to their functionality you’ll find that they’re limited in what kind of technology they can use, they’re simply basic and require manual usage.  This is true of many other models of course, but if you want an easier driving experience or suffer from ailments which require extra assistive technology than these options simply are not open to you.

Differences Permanent and Portable Vehicle Hand Controls

It’ll be worth seeing the laws on disabled driving with hand controls if you want to find out a little more on whether you can drive as well as the rules which are in place for your protection and that of others.

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Generally when you’re picking between different types of installation I would suggest a permanent one for several reasons.  To start with they’re much easier to use, allow for a much better driving experience and they offer a lot more for disabled driving.

If you’re interested in only driving a little bit, or you’re on a limited budget then I wouldn’t opt for purchasing them – but in the vast majority of instances I do think they’re the best option.

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