Day to Day Struggles of Living With Disabilities

People underestimate exactly how difficult the struggle of living with a disability is and the reason is simple.

Most people have never been disabled and it’s only when one experiences it for oneself can a true understanding of the hardship it entails form.  At 19 I suffered a fractured hip and spinal compression fracture and I’m ashamed to say that before the incident I couldn’t really have cared less about disabled people.  But going through that injury made me create this website and tell my story, why?  It allowed me to understand the perspective from the other side.

Nothing was easy; every little thing was a constant struggle.  Incidents such as dropping a bottle of water on the floor and spending 20 minutes trying to pick it up while balancing on my ‘good’ left leg with a pair of crutches truly changed my perspective on disabled people, as well as life in general.

When it comes to handicapped equipment such as hand controls for cars there seems to be a brain drain of knowledge where for once the internet doesn’t seem forthcoming in providing these answers.  The internet provides a forum of knowledge as well as deceit and this website’s creation was to allow people to find exactly what they’re looking for based on similar conditions that I was in.  This means hip and spine injuries and hence by extension the inability to walk properly if at all.

What’s more is I think it’s important to educate people who don’t ‘know’ what it feels like to understand and emphasize with handicapped people.  Sorry, but it’s not good enough for them to not care anymore, or for them not to get it.  It’s an understandable problem, but one which by no means cannot be overcome by the proper education.

Simple things such as handicap accessible vehicles can make all the difference to the life of someone who rarely gets out of the house.  Driving is something which everyone takes for granted, but when you’re disabled it’