Bedpans and Urinals

For many elderly/disabled people a bedpan or portable urination aid is a huge time and effort saver when it comes to going to the bathroom.  Instead of going on an exhausting and potentially bathroom visit (especially after recent injuries) you can simply go to the toilet while being in bed.  However there are also toilet aids for the bathroom too.


Best Portable Male Urination Bottle Kits of 2015 – Portable urine aids generally used in the bed, however they’re also useful for travelling.  These urination bottles are designed for men and provide a simple and effective solution to the issue of going to the bathroom for a simple tinkle!

Best Portable Female Urination Bags  – Who says gender equality isn’t happening?  Although a little more complex than their male equivalents, portable urination aids for women are easy to use, clean and store.

Plastic Easy to Clean Adult Bed Pans – Bed pans for people who need more than to just urinate.  Plastic is often the way to go, simply because they’re so lightweight, cheap and clean very easily.

Plastic Non-Splash UniSex Bed Pans – Non-splash bed pans with curved inwards facing sides to reduce splash back are a must have.  They’re designed for both men and women and make almost no mess (depending on usage!)

Stainless Steel Lightweight Splash Guard Bed Pans – Steel bedpans provide a more durable alternative to their plastic counterparts.  Many also include splash guards, are lightweight and easy to clean.  More importantly they can survive even the largest bottoms!

High Quality Plastic Pee Bottles for Women – Pee bottle aids for females are a simple albeit not particularly elegant solution which allows women to effortless urinate in bed.

Durable Bed Pee Bottles for Men – Some men need durable heavyweight bottles than can handle their size!  You certainly wouldn’t want your pee bottle to break in bed now would you?