Bath and Shower

For elderly and disabled people the entire bathroom is the most likely place to sustain an injury, but inside the bathroom nowhere is more dangerous than the bath and shower.  Slippery surfaces combined with steps and obstacles create situations of serious potential injury.  Below are important bathing and showering aids which create a significantly safer environment – especially when entering and exiting.

Best Length Adjustable Bath Benches, Chairs and Stools of 2015 – Check out affordable bathing benches and chairs which have length adjustable legs.  The length adjustable natures of these bathing devices allows for people of all sizes to be able to adjust the seat to a height which is perfect to them.

Understand Bathroom Benches and Chair Aids for Disabled People – Quickly get to grips with the different types of bathroom seating aids.  There are many types of bench and chair aids to choose from all with varying and unique qualities.  There are portable, non-slip, metal, plastic and many other types of handicapped chair aids for all different types of people.

Stylish Wooden Bathroom Chairs for your Bathroom – Buy a wooden chair/bench which fits into the appearance and style of your bathroom.  Find functional handicap assisted chairs which don’t just serve a practical purpose but actually look great too.  If you don’t like the usual bland white or stainless steel chairs available than this is perfect for you!

Bathing Benches and Chairs with Back Supports of 2015 – Back supports are vital to some people who wish to be able to lie back a little and relax whilst bathing and sitting.  See the various bathroom chairs with back and spinal supports of 2015.

Best Bathing Non-Slip Bathing Chairs of 2015 – Non-slip bathing chairs seem like an obvious choice… but what exactly does non-slip mean in this context?  Learn more about what should be slipping and which bathroom chairs should definitely be non-slip!

High Quality No Back Rest or Arm Rest Bath Stools – Sometimes having no back rest or arm rest is a huge advantage, especially when being bathed.  See more simple bathroom stools and find out when you want a back rest and when you don’t!

Portable, Lightweight and Folding Bathing Stools – For those who have multiple bathrooms or who travel a lot it’s important to have portable bathroom stools and chairs.  It also helps if these portable devices are lightweight and preferably foldable too.  I’m sure I don’t need to explain why.