Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom aids and equipment are the unsung heroes of safety and saving people’s lives.  A huge amount of people with mobility problems are seriously injured in the bathroom due to wet and slippy floors and hard to navigate equipment.  A variety of bathroom mobility aids have been created in recent years which, if installed properly, save life and limb.  There are three main types of bathroom accessory which are listed below.  These cover the bath and shower, bedpans and urinals and of course safety bars and handles.


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Bath and Shower – stools, benches, chairs safety mats, bathing aids, portable bathing equipment and much more allows for a more comfortable and easier bathing experience.

Bedpans and Urinals – a variety of male and female urination devices, bedpans, pottys, pads, bed pans and other types of ‘going to the toilet equipment’!  As well as a wide variety of accessories of course!

Safety Bars and Handles – probably one of the most important aspects of bathroom living aids which reduce accidents and injuries.  Wet smooth floors turns bathrooms into deathtraps for those with mobility problems, and a few simple safety bars and handles can and do save lives