Daily Living Aids

We provide information and products for daily living.  These generally come in the form of daily living aids in people’s homes – especially the bathroom and the bedroom.  There are many types of home mobility equipment which allows for both safer and more comfortable daily living.  Steps, stools, safety handles and boards, hearing devices, bedpans and much much more is on offer.


Bathroom Accessories


Bath and Shower – stools, chairs, benches, safety mats, bathing aids, portable bathing equipment and much more allows for a more comfortable and easier bathing experience.

Bedpans and Urinals – a variety of male and female urination devices, bedpans, pottys, pads, bed pans and other types of ‘going to the toilet equipment’!  As well as a wide variety of accessories of course!

Safety Bars and Handles – probably one of the most important aspects of bathroom living aids which reduce accidents and injuries.  Wet smooth floors turns bathrooms into deathtraps for those with mobility problems, and a few simple safety bars and handles can and do save lives.


Bedroom Safety


Bed Handles and Rails – these handles and rails allow for safe entry and exit into the bed, both providing support for entering and exiting as well as something to grab onto should something go wrong.

Transfer Boards – a time saver, life saver and muscle saver for those who have difficulty (or find it impossible) to enter or exit their beds.  These can be electrically powered or manual devices which allow for elderly or disabled people a much easier experience come bedtime or morning.


Hearing Devices


Hearing Amplifiers and Aids – Simple and yet so important for daily living.  These hearing aids drastically improve the quality of life for people who’s hearing has degraded over time.  Background noise cancelling features plus a host of other improvements of the last few decades have drastically improved the quality of hearing aids and devices.