Customized Hand Controls for Cars

When you’re looking to purchase hand controls for cars to suit disabled drivers then you’ll probably also want to find out how they can be customized too.  There are a few important things you need to know about this before you make a buying choice.  Find out more below.

One of the first things to recognize is that how you can adapt your disability driving controls depend on which manufacturer you go with.  You could be very limited if you go with let’s say Drive Master, or if you purchase a set of Mobility Products and Design you could have much wider options.  It really depends so you need to ask how flexible the company is in being able to change what you have.

There are essentially two chances you can make to customized your person hand controls and these are either its aesthetic finish or how comfortable it is.

Changing the aesthetic finish usually involves changing the color to match in with the décor of your car.  Some people on the other hand would much prefer to have there’s stand out, although most people want to do the exact opposite and prefer something to blend in.

Next there are also opportunities about changing the material to match the upholstery of your car.  You can go for leather, plastic, nylon – there are lots of different types all designed to match the feel of your car.

Changing the hand controls for cars on a comfort basis usually relates to their shape and position.  There are four main different types of handles across the various manufacturers.  There are spherical knobs, horizontal handles, long horizontal handles and ergonomic handles.  Which to go for really depends on what you find comfortable, although as I’m sure you can imagine ergonomic handles are generally preferred more and they’re seen as a little more comfortable.  They allow you to rest your hand on the handle which itself follows the contours of your hand creating a more relaxing hand grip.

With regards to the position of the controls you can have them extended outwards or closer nearer the wheel.  Most of the standard designs by MPD can be mounted on a rotatable 360 degree bar platform which allows you to adjust the handle until it sits at an angle which you like the most.

The main thing when choosing hand controls for disabled drivers is to make sure the company which your purchasing from has these options available.  The best thing to do is to go to a dealership where they have displays on show which you can actually touch and get a feel for.  It’s quite difficult to imagine whether you’d prefer a knob or handle until you try it out – and the last thing you want is to use them for a decade only to find out that you much preferred a long horizontal handle because of the extra leverage as opposed to a smooth black spherical plastic knob.

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