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Contact and address information for our US warehouse and office, as well as UK headquarters are listed below.  Please make sure to contact the relevant phone number based on your location.  During our office hours the easiest method to contact us is by phone.  Outside of our office hours please send us an email or leave a voicemail message.


US Address and Contact DetailsUK Company Headquarters

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Our office hours are 10am-6pm Eastern Daylight Time.  During these hours we can answer and respond to phone calls.  If you need to contact us outside of these times please send an email as these are forwarded to our cell phones and (depending on the time) we may be able to reply.


When calling outside of office hours our answer machine will allow you to save a voicemail message and it will also record your number.  We will return your call as soon as possible.


Handicap Hand Controls is owned by UK-based BMTech.  For orders and information please call our US warehouse and phone number.  For customers in the United Kingdom and Europe please visit our UK handicap car equipment website.


Address in the United Kingdom:


0115 714 7102


2 Fleetwith Close



United Kingdom


Our office in the United Kingdom is open from 9am-3pm British Standard Time.  For non-European customers please contact our US office.