Cheapest Installation Price for Auto Hand Controls

If you’re looking to have a set of permanent hand controls installed on your automobile then there are few things you need to address in order to find the cheapest price possible.

There are two factors which directly influence the price it costs you to install hand controls, the first is the cost per hour of the mechanic, and the second is the amount of hours required for the specific installation of your model.  Below you can find out a few key tips to help slash the installation price as low as possible.

Cheapest Installation Price for Auto Hand Controls

If you’re looking to find the best Auto Hand Controls then being willing to expand your horizons in terms of the amount of disabled car dealerships you visit is a must.  Unfortunately for some people that live in sparsely populated areas where there are few disabled car shops this is going to be an issue.

Ultimately you need to decide if travelling out further and further is a good option, and it really depends on your ringing them up and getting to the bottom of the total installation cost – as well as any fees which may be incurred, this varies from shop to shop.

Negotiation is one aspect of finding the cheapest deal which is the most obvious advice we give and yet also the least followed.  Here’s the bottom line, the disabled car dealership is simply a middleman profiting in between the manufacturer and customer – nothing more.  They’re going to desperately want your purchase because it will make them hundreds of dollars, and slashing the price per hour of the mechanic is an option you must be willing to take if you want to make savings.

Set of Auto Hand Controls

Set of Auto Hand Controls

It’s also important to recognize that since the installation time is a big factor in determining the total cost of the installation, you should be willing to check out the times required for all the different hand controls.

This will allow you to receive a total price for what you want to buy, and generally the simpler hand controls will take less time to install and hence end up significantly cheaper.  If the mechanic is charging (for example) 65 dollars per hour, and you shave 1-2 hours of the installation time then you’re instantly making a rather significant saving for your permanent auto hand controls.

You may be interested in checking out our guide to handicapped driving with auto hand controls which is really a good starting point to getting to grips with disabled driving and the steps you need to take to get back on the road in a safe and comfortable environment.

Ultimately finding the lowest installation price is a mixture of shopping around to find the best deal, negotiating the price down as low as you can and picking models which reflect the lowest total cost for installation.

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