Cheapest Hand Controls Aren’t Always the Worst

One thing which is really important to recognize is that purchasing the cheapest hand controls doesn’t mean you’re picking the worst option.

For example, even though portable hand controls are the cheapest, costing between 250-300 dollars for the model and nothing for installation as the total cost you’ll find that in some situations they’re ideal.  I’m not going to say they’re recommended, generally we wouldn’t recommend this type of disabled driving control to people – but under the right circumstances you’ll find that they can be an incredibly useful option to utilize.

Let’s say that the person who wanted to drive the vehicle was sharing a car with a partner who was able-bodied and wanted to be able to quickly remove the model when required – it’s perfect.

For those on a lower budget, who are more physically fit and confident drivers – and who also don’t necessarily want to pursue a lot of driving then it’s a good option to go for.  Generally I would say that the vehicle hand controls cost is nowhere as big a determining factor on how the device you pick will match up to your requirements.

But it’s also important to recognize the big price variation when purchasing hand controls, getting a cheap deal may be a blessing in disguise.

You’ll find that the costs required can easily vary by 100-200 dollars, especially if you’re negotiating a lower vehicle hand control cost which is definitely something which you should be considering.

I definitely think that those on a budget need to realize portable models as an alternative to purchasing permanent vehicle car controls, although ultimately in most situations a set of permanently installed but basic device will be the best option.

 This allows for the added control and flexibility for customization options which can make all the difference when driving longer distances, as well as the greater stability and ease of use which mechanically fitted installations gave.

I would say that around 600-700 dollars would be a reasonable figure for both the model cost as well as the installation.  This will get you a decent, standard set from the likes of manufacturers such as MPS Monarch or Mobility Products and Design.

It may or may not have mechanical linkage, but it will allow you a say in certain areas such as handle length, design as well as installation requirements which make driving more pleasurable.

You might want to consider checking out my page on vehicle hand controls installation warning just to go over a few things you need to be careful of.  Even though you’re disabled don’t think that people won’t immediately try and profit from the position you’re unfortunately placed in.

If you want to find out about the different models and devices by the various manufacturers than utilizing the handicap hand controls website will be useful in finding exactly what you need.

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