A cheaper alternative to the Menox disabled hand control?

One question which pops up a lot is what would be a similar but cheaper alternative to the Menox hand control, which incorporated most of the core features for disabled drivers.

You’ll find that in most cases finding a hand control either by itself or with a mix of perhaps 1-2 other devices which cater to your requirements and also achieve that which the Menox hand control achieves is more than possible.  The chances are that there is something suitable for you, you just haven’t found it yet – or you’re limited by what you can actually purchase due to the limited availability of models at your local disabled car dealership.  The Menox hand control price is what puts a lot of people of, but by the end of this post it won’t be a problem at all.

cheaper alternative to the Menox Disabled Hand Control

Finding a cheaper alternative to the Menox Disabled Hand Control

I’ll go over which aspects are worth picking out and where you can find them elsewhere.

Firstly there’s of course the mechanical linkage which some people think makes the  Menox disabled driving hand control worth the money.  But I do not.  Models by MPS/Monarch and Mobility Products and Design offer models which have this very same linkage at around 1/3rd of the price.  If an easier drive purely in terms of physical effort is what you’re after then I would suggest you check out their models.

If you are dead set on going for this particular model then it may be worth checking our post on reducing the cost of the Menox hand control to find the best deal possible.

If the secondary car function controls interest you (these allow remote control activation of activities such as turn signals, headlights and many more – around fifteen functions in total) then there are standalone steering wheel keypads which GuidoSimplex manufacturers.

Cheaper alternative to the Menox Hand Control

Cheaper alternative to the Menox Hand Control

These are pre-programmed which is one downside because it means you can’t personally adjust what the buttons do to cater for your preferences.  However you’ll find that in most cases this is unlikely to be a problem because they’re set to the most frequently used options anyway.  The turn signals, emergency lights, headlights, windscreen wipers and washing liquid are the buttons which are universally used.

If you’re looking for the customization options then you’re probably out of luck because you’ll find it difficult to find a model which is so flexible with regards to both the comfort and usage adjustments you can make.

Although you can change different types of knobs/handles (and sometimes colors) with other manufacturers, you certainly don’t have anywhere near the flexibility in choosing different material options, patterns and many other different possibilities.

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