Utilizing the SCI Rutgers Carecure Forums and the Apparelyzed Forums

If you have any type of spinal cord injury (SCI) or any type of disability then there are two important and well known forums which you should be aware of.  The first is the Carecure Forums which are run by SCI Rutgers which I personally think is the most useful non-profit disability forum.  The second, [...] Read more »

My Personal Experiences of having a Spine Fracture

I would say that as far as websites go this isn’t a particularly ‘personal’ one, on the other hand I do occasionally feel the need to regale you with a few of my personal experiences. // // There’s no doubt that living with a spine injury is incredibly difficult, I suffered a lower compression fracture [...] Read more »

Lack of Assistance for Injured in Developing Countries

I’m not usually the preachy type but I’ve been travelling abroad for a little over 9 months now, and the one thing which I keep seeing again and again are people who have sustained injuries but could not afford treatment and who now live with a disability. // // They’re everywhere.  People with treatable afflictions [...] Read more »

Most Common Cause of Spine Injuries

Spine injuries devastate people’s lives by taking away almost all of the freedom and independence which was taken for granted.  On this page we’re going to be looking at the most common cause of injuries to the spine. // // One study has shown that it’s vehicle accidents which account for 42% of the total [...] Read more »

Living with a Spinal Cord Injury

If you’re unlucky enough to live with an injury to your spinal cord then you’ll recognize that living with a serious disability such as paraplegia is a constant struggle. // // I was lucky enough to be only left unable to walk for two months, knowing I would recover.  But those two months were the [...] Read more »

Menox CANBox

The CANBox which is produced by Menox is designed to be used with their hand control and is programmed to control specific secondary car functions. // // Information about the CANBox on the internet is sparse so this is going to be a concise guide as to what it is capable of doing.  You’ll find [...] Read more »

Portable Hand Controls Installation Guide

If you’re looking for a guide outline the installation of portable hand controls there are just a few things you need to be aware of. // // Firstly they don’t need to be installed by a professional mechanic (which costs up to 100 dollars an hour for 2-5 hours for permanent models). No permanent modifications [...] Read more »

Portable Handicap Hand Controls for Cars for Disabled Drivers

If you’re looking for handicap hand controls then buying a portable set for your car if you’re a disabled driver could be just what you’re looking.  But actually, I think by the end of this post I might dissuade you from getting them in the first place.  Find out more below.// // There are some [...] Read more »

Handicap Certificate – the basics

A handicap certificate (otherwise known as a disable certificate) is a documentation that covers people from a wide range of backgrounds and can provide some substantial support.// // For a start a handicap certificate means that you may very well be exempt from paying vehicle tax, which over a period of time can save a [...] Read more »