Find the Best Handicap Car for Handicapped Drivers and Passengers

This page is going to go over the best types of handicap cars which are designed for both handicapped driving the transportation of handicapped people.  After concisely going through the aspects of a car which are important for disabled driving I’ll then go over why this is the case.  After reading this article you’ll be [...] Read more »

GuidoSimplex Disabled Driver Car Transfer Seat

Utilizing products such as hand controls are just one aspect of driving as a disabled person, the peripheral devices such as transfer seats which allow quick entry and egress are almost as important. GuidoSimplex produces two such devices: GuidoSimplex Fixed Car Transfer Seat SEG-01 GuidoSimplex Electric Car Transfer Seat SEG-02 Vehicle Transfer Seats   As [...] Read more »

GuidoSimplex Fixed Car Transfer Seat SEG-01

The SEG-01 Transfer Seat is a small table like extension which is rotatable and allows easy entering/exiting into or from the vehicle. // // Now this is a fixed installation so it doesn’t rise up or down, and it’s also not electronic which is a small downside. This is ultimately quite a simple device: it [...] Read more »

GuidoSimplex Electric Car Transfer Seat SEG-02

The SEG-02 is a transfer seat designed by GuidoSimplex to enable the disabled person to exit the vehicle. // // This was constructed to allow easier exiting/entering of the vehicle via the electric seat which is anchored to a pole on the side of the car. One the handicapped person has positioned himself onto the [...] Read more »

Find out about what Handicapped Vans are and how to find one

If you’re unable to obtain and install a handicap driving kit, then handicapped vans may be your only form of transportation.// // Unfortunately in a world where there can sometimes be very little thought for the disabled, there may only be vans outfitted with basic handicap ready technology to allow them to travel around. It [...] Read more »

Day to Day Struggles of Living With Disabilities

People underestimate exactly how difficult the struggle of living with a disability is and the reason is simple.// // Most people have never been disabled and it’s only when one experiences it for oneself can a true understanding of the hardship it entails form.  At 19 I suffered a fractured hip and spinal compression fracture [...] Read more »