Quick Release Electronic Accelerator Ring – Acceleration Only Device

GuidoSimplex exclusively designs, manufactures and sells gas ring accelerators which are a regarded as ‘accelerator hand controls’ because they do not have any accompanying brake system.  This isn’t to say you couldn’t have a ‘brake-only hand control’ installed with your electronic accelerator ring, but only that they’re not part of the device itself.  This page [...] Read more »

Used and Secondhand Hand Controls on Ebay

If you want to buy a set of handicap hand controls you’re probably aware that even the cheapest kits will cost several hundred dollars at least.  Therefore buying secondhand hand controls on Ebay, as well as used hand controls on Ebay is a viable option – and in this page I’m going to concisely go [...] Read more »

Driving a Car with No Legs – Possible with Handicapped Hand Controls

Being able to drive a car with no legs may seem like fiction to some people, but by using portable hand control sets it’s possible for paraplegic or otherwise disabled people who cannot use their legs to drive their car.  Although driving is easier if you can use one or both of your legs, driving [...] Read more »

AZ-1 Cheap Portable Hand Controls Automobile Kit

The AZ-1 portable hand controls set is a fairly standard manual hand control’s kit.  It’s designated as a portable hand control because of it can be installed and removed within 5 minutes, doesn’t require any permanent modifications to the automobile and doesn’t require any tools for installation.  The AZ-1 kit is also fairly cheap and retails [...] Read more »

PHC 3 Portable Hand Controls – the PHC iii Kit

The PHC 3 portable hand controls kit (sometimes referred to as the “PHC iii portable hand controls set”) retails on the WheelAbility website for around $379 which makes it one of the more expensive kits available.  This page will review the PHC 3 plus show similar portable driving kit alternatives which one may prefer due [...] Read more »

Common Hand Control Problems, Issues and Defects

I’m going to address a few of the problems with hand controls on this page, and by problems I’m talking about serious defects and minor issues with this type of driving equipment.  There are two main areas which cause accidents and which you should be concerned by.  First is the installation of the product and [...] Read more »

TNT Portable Car Hand Controls for Disabled Drivers

Nowadays most disabled drivers are shifting their attention to portable hand control kits for cars such as the ‘TNT Portable Hand Control’.  I’m going to concisely discuss why this is, what’s special about the TNT set and provide you with other removable hand controls which are similar and may be better suited to you. // [...] Read more »

The Cost of Hand Controls for Disabled Drivers

This article will give you access to a brief but informative insight into the various costs regarding the different hand control models.  By ‘models’ I’m talking about the various manufacturer’s and their devices (such as MPS Monarch, GuidoSimplex and so forth – you can see them at the top of the page), the different installation [...] Read more »

How Much do Hand Controls for Cars Cost

This page is going to provide a concise and accurate overview to the different costs of the different types of hand controls.  By ‘types’ I’m referring to the different manufacturer’s and their products (such as MPD, Menox etcetera), different installation types (portable and permanent) and the different technology used (manual, mechanical and so on).  If [...] Read more »

How to Install Hand Controls on a Car

There are essentially two different types of hand control installation – permanent and portable (removable at any time) and this page is going to look into the differences between these two installations and how to install portable ones yourself.  After this article you should come away with a complete knowledge with regards to the installation [...] Read more »