Car Pedal Equipment for Handicap Drivers

There are several different types of pedal equipment used in cars for handicap drivers, either to be used with hand controls or as standalone devices for various different purposes.

On this page we’ll look at the different pedals out there, who they’re for and what they can achieve as well as all other useful concise information.  You’ll find that there are pedal guards, pedal extensions, pedal transfers and hydraulic pedal assistance – and all of these are useful in some manner for disabled drivers.

Car Pedal Equipment for Handicap Drivers

Car Pedal Equipment for Handicap Drivers

Pedal guards are almost always a permanent installation and are a metal sheet which lies vertically in front of the pedal and is attached to a floor plate.  The floor plate is bolted to the floor, just in front of the pedal, with the vertical metal cover (sometimes set at a slight angle) attached to it.

You’ll find that there are generally either quick-release or permanent installations of this particular car pedal.  The floor plate cannot be quickly removed by a non-mechanic, however if the model is quick-release than the vertical guard will be able to be removed quickly.

These are used in conjunction with hand controls and they’re an important part of car driving equipment for handicapped drivers.  Their purpose is to stop accidental engagement of the pedal by the legs which can cause accidents or affect the use of your hand controls.

Car Pedal Equipment for Handicapped Drivers

Pedal guards are the most common car equipment and are generally used in conjunction with car steering wheel equipment for disabled drivers for the easiest driving experience possible.

Pedal extensions are useful for people in various circumstances, but are generally aimed at people who have a short stature and cannot reach the pedal.  However, they’re useful for people who are incredibly overweight, elderly or those with spine problems.

There are many different types with the most advanced allowing for the angle of the pedal extension being alterable as well as different lengths being available for immediate adjustments.

You’ll find that the majority are very simply a basic pedal attachment which is personally fitted (and removable by an ordinary person) and consists of a pedal which is anywhere from 1-9 inches taller than the original pedal.  The more advanced options are far more customization with the basic models being less functional but much cheaper.

Pedal transfers are almost always left foot gas pedals which allow acceleration using your left foot instead of the right.  Essentially a new pedal is installed on the left side which is linked to the right gas pedal, and engaging the left pedal engages the right pedal via the linkage.

Car Pedal Equipment for Disabled Drivers

This is particularly useful for drivers who can use one leg because it allows for a much easier driving experience, it’s far easier to use the acceleration as opposed to the brake because you’re constantly using the gas and not your brakes.  It grants a far more intuitive and easier driving experience.

Hydraulic pedals are where hydraulic components vastly reduce the force require for engagement which is particularly useful for disabled drivers who have limited strength.  You might think that getting an electronic device would be easier, but in most instances you have far more control using hydraulic devices – they allow you to be able to exercise a much greater degree of control than pushing an electronic button.

It’s definitely worth checking out our page on secondary car function equipment for the handicapped if you want to find out about another type of incredibly useful equipment.

Or it might be useful seeing our page on the installation of car driving equipment for the disabled if you want to learn more about what kinds of installation takes place, their cost and which can be done by yourself.

Finally it may be prudent asking yourself the question, do I need car driving equipment as a handicapped driver?  Some of it is undoubtedly useful, but some of it won’t help people with specific requirements.

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  1. Cathy McBrayer says:

    My grandson is 17 and is a dwarf. He wants to drive. Please send via email anything you have pertaining to our needs. Thanks .

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