Car Hand Controls

Hand Controls used with a car are a vital piece of disabled driving equipment which puts handicapped drivers back behind the steering wheel and allows them to safely drive.

There are three main different ‘types’ of hand control installations, there are permanent, semi-permanent and portable models.

Permanent Hand Control for Cars generally require modifications to the actual structure of the car which cannot be later reversed.  They are unable to be quickly removed and generally require a mechanic to take off, as well as put back vitally affected systems in place.

Car Hand Controls

Car Hand Controls

A few advantages of permanently installed hand controls are that they generally have better capabilities as well as being more secure.  A disadvantage would be that they mean you’re unable to have a vehicle which can be driven by both disabled and able-bodied people by simply removing and attaching the device when necessary.

Semi-permanent models are the best of both worlds because they allow for an able-bodied driver to be able to remove the action parts of the device.  So for example a GuidoSimplex acceleration wheel can be removed by simply pressing a switch.  But there are still the permanent aspects of the installation which are left in place.

This means that you have the benefits of permanent installations with regard to the device being able to carry out more functions, whilst you have the mobility of a portable model which allows for the action parts to be removed allowing for regular driving.

Car Hand Controls for Disabled Drivers

Car Hand Controls for Disabled Drivers

Portable Vehicle Hand Controls allow for disabled and able-bodied driving, but do not have the fundamental advantages of permanent installations.  An example of this would be that they cannot control secondary car functions such as the turn signals, whereas for many permanent installations this is possible.

But they have other advantages which you may find useful, for example they’re much cheaper to purchase and install.  Generally around 300 dollars is all they cost (this is an average price), and what’s more is that you can purchase them online and install them yourself.

Any kind of signification modification for installing Automobile Hand Controls requires a mechanic, and you can expect to pay several hundred dollars for your average installation (again this is only an average figure but relates to a lot of information gathered from different people).

The costs involved are the per hour cost for the mechanic (50-100 dollars so there’s a lot of variation), and the hours involved for actually installing the device (1-4 hours, but of course this depends on the skill and honest of the disabled car dealership).

Hand Controls for Cars

But seeing as your portable hand control is delivered right to your door with instructions on how to install it there’s no need for any money (or time) wasted with having to go through the disabled car dealerships (middlemen).

Generally we’d say that the best Hand Controls for Vehicles are semi-permanent, but there are advantages and disadvantages to the other two types as well.

We generally find that disabled drivers on lower incomes are going to tend to pick portable devices, and those with more money to spend are going to purchase permanent ones.  We don’t tend to recommend portable models if you want to do a lot of driving because across the board we’d say they’re just not suitable if you want to frequently drive long distance.

Car Hand Controls

In this kind of scenario we’d definitely recommend splashing out a little more money on something that’s going to provide a more comfortable and safer experience.

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  1. I am handicapped from both legs.I want to buy a hand controlled car with right sided steering.I want to know ,can you supply me a car of such type.I can afford a small car of 1000cc.What will be its price& which brand you supply me.I like Passo ,Beltta.Or vitz.oR from any other company.Govt of Pakistan gave me permisson. I hope you will reply me as early as possible,
    Dr Tasneem Kousar

    • Jonathan Bell says:

      Hi Tasneem, unfortunately I don’t sell hand controls I only discuss the manufacturer’s products plus additional driving equipment for what’s best for who – but this is mainly based for people living in the United States. If people do live in the United States then they can buy the hand controls which I recommend from websites such as Amazon if they feel it’s right for them, unfortunately I don’t have any intention of expanding into Pakistan in the near future.

      Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.

  2. I am handicapped from both legs. I want a hand controlled car with right sided steering. I would like to confirm weather you can supply 1000cc car of any maker but I would prefer Toyota, Honda or Daihatsu. I will be waiting for your reply.

    Dr.Tasneem Kousar

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