Car Hand Controls for Sale

If you’re looking for hand controls to be used with your car which are for sale than this page will direct you to the best places to purchase portable devices.

Popular Car Hand Controls which are For Sale Below


Freedom Staff Hand Controls – Our most popular and highly recommended product.  The Freedom Staff handicap driving kit combines portability, functionality and price in the most efficient manner.  They’re one of the cheapest and yet most highly recommended portable hand controls.  I’ve never read any negative reviews of the Freedom Staff handicap driving hand controls and quite to the contrary the feedback has been immense.

TNT Hand Controls – In the past TNT’s portable hand controls were probably one of the most popular however they’ve somewhat failed to keep up with the times (go take a look at their website).  They’re similar to their competitors however they’re more expensive and ordering TNT driving controls can be difficult.  You need to go through their ‘website’ whereas for most other portable hand controls brands you can simply buy them of Amazon and get them delivered to your door.

PHC 3 Portable Hand Controls – The PHC iii Kit – the PHC 3 portable driving kit is one of the older portable hand control sets and you can tell this by the manufacturer’s website (WheelAbility).  They stock, ship and sell their portable hand controls kit within the United States for free and can ship it abroad too.  The PHC iii portable hand control is a little more expensive and offers no tangible benefit but is nevertheless popular for many.

AZ-1 Hand Controls – There are a few things about the AZ-1 portable hand controls set which makes it special.  Firstly the AZ-1 is constructed from plane-grade super lightweight aluminium meanings it’s both light and durable.  It’s highly adjustable (more so than its competitors) and be nearly completely folded away.  Finally it features a composite heat-proof grip which neither absorbs heat from the driver’s hand or when the car gets too hot.

Portable hand controls have several incredibly useful benefits.  Firstly they’re delivered straight to your door which removes the need to locate and go through a disabled car dealership.  Next they’re removable which allows the car to be driven by a non-disabled driver by quickly releasing the device.

Entire Freedom Staff Kit

  • The first and most popular device is developed and manufactured by Freedom Staff and it’s the most widely purchase portable device currently.  You can find out more about it here on Amazon but I’ll also briefly explain about it here.

It’s a simple, basic but functional system.  It arrives with a steering knob and carry pouch, and the main model consists of two separate hand controls which are clamped onto the pedals.  If you only need assistance with acceleration or braking than you only would need to attach and use one.

It’s constructed with aluminium in the areas which require lightness and stainless steel where high tensile strength is required.  It fits almost all types of vehicle, and its height is adjustable.

It’s also one of the cheapest car hand controls out on the market at the moment selling for only 250 dollars and 5 dollars for post and package which makes it incredibly cheap.

Another design by a more established company is the AZ-1 Portable Automotive Hand Control System which are very similar to the design by Freedom Staff but with a few advantages.

Firstly they’re foldaway which means you can store them compactly and quickly, they’re just as adjustable, but they’re also far more aesthetically pleasing.

They cost around 50 dollars more which isn’t a massive amount, however if you take a look at the reviews you’ll find that there’s much more said about them than anything else.

Car Hand Controls Sale

Remember that once you purchase your portable set, it’ll be sent to your house just like if you’d purchase a CD of Amazon.  From here it’s simply a case of opening it up and installing it via the instructions which are provided.

If there are no instructions then request more to be sent to you or ring up the manufacturer’s customer support, but most importantly don’t risk yourself for no reason.

If you’ve not used hand controls before then it’ll be worth starting out slowly on roads which are infrequently visited at times of the day which are the least busiest.  Generally portable devices are a little more difficult to get used to than permanent installations, but considering just how cheap they are I’d consider them a good alternative for most people.

Freedom Staff Handicap Driving Hand Controls


The portable hand controls which I recommend are those by the Freedom Staff team for a number of reasons:

  • They’re the cheapest you can buy while still being reliable and functional.
  • They can be purchased straight from Amazon and delivered to your house.
  • They can be removed and installed in just a few minutes.
  • They’re perfect for occasional use because they don’t require permanent modifications to the car.
  • They arrive as a kit which has a number of useful additional extras to aid in driving.

You can learn a little more about portable driving controls here if you want to find out why they’re worth getting as well as why they may not be suitable for you.

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  1. Nelda Sorrell says:

    I purchased the Freedom Staff hand controls and I am very pleased with them. The problem seems to be in knowing how to install them quickly. I have to depend on others to do this for me. The two who have done it for me have had difficulty, especially in attaching the safety chain. I was hoping to get installation instructions online (can’t find what came with it). I am using them in a 2010 Honda van.

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