Car Hand Controls Cost

There are three main aspects to look at when looking into the cost of hand controls for cars, and this page provides information on these three points, as well as a few brief tips on how to keep the final figure as low as possible.

The first and main price is the most obvious one, the cost of the hand control model itself.  The second and third are times by each other, and they’re the hours required for installation by the mechanic and the wage per hour which the disabled car dealership’s mechanic costs.

Generally people tend to overlook the last two points when they’re looking into buying this kind of assistive technology, but ultimately it makes up a significant portion of the cost.  Now it’s not possible for me to give completely accurate figures because it varies, but I would say at around 60-70 dollars an hour for a mechanic trained at installing a specific model – taking around 2-5 hours.

Car Hand Controls Cost

Of course there’s a lot of variation at hand even here, the most costly mechanics could easily charge 100 dollars an hour and for incredibly advanced installations require significant structural changes to the car then up to ten hours may be needed for installation.

Nevertheless any of the permanent car hand controls will require several hours of work at a hefty total figure, and finding out how much the cost is, is critical.  The last thing you want to do is get your mind set onto buying a specific type of hand control only to find out that the disabled car dealership that you’re enquiring into charges excessive amounts of money.

How much Car Hand Controls Cost

It’s always prudent to check if there are also any ‘hidden fees’, and although I don’t want to scare you into thinking this will be like setting up a bank account, you still do need to be aware that some unscrupulous shops may net you with small charges here and there.  Asking firmly if there are any such fees would be a wise move, as is making clear that you know how long each model takes to install as well as the total cost per hour of the mechanic.

If you’re looking at reducing the amount of money you’re paying then it’s going to be worth you doing a few little things that can potentially save you hundreds of dollars.

One thing which people tend not to do because disabled car shops tend to be quite rare is shop around to find the best price.  I would have thought you shop around to find the lowest price for most of the things you buy, especially if they cost a lot of money, so you shouldn’t avoid that same process when buying Car Driving Equipment for Handicapped Drivers.

The Cost of Car Hand Controls

This doesn’t mean you need to drive hundreds of miles around, simply doing a Google search for local establishments, ringing them up and asking for quotations on prices (including all installation costs and fees) will allow you to quickly establish where the best place to go to is.  You would be amazed at the kind of variation you can find, and this is purely due to the fact that most people feel that travelling out too far is too much of a hassle.

Another aspect which people tend to dramatically overlook is in actually negotiating for a lower price.  There’s nothing wrong with trying to get a better deal, they’re simply salesmen trying to make a profit and are middlemen at best.  Simply by quoting prices from other places makes it possible to save money on both the hand control and the installation.

If you’re looking for cheap hand controls it may be worth checking out our page on Car Hand Controls for Sale for further information.  Generally I would say that people tend to pay 100-200 dollars more than they would have had to if they’d followed just a few basic principles which in many ways are applicable to not just handicap hand controls, but many different products.

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