Car Driving Equipment for Handicapped Drivers

There are lots of different types of driving equipment for cars to be utilized by handicapped drivers, and in this article I’m just going to spend a little bit of time going over what’s potentially on offer.

To start with there are of course hand controls, and these are  are very much the first thing which people look at.  But one thing which people don’t realize is that there are plenty of different devices which can and are used in conjunction with a set of driving controls.

It’s important to recognize that the Car Hand Controls are almost always the most expensive and most important.  Most other pieces of equipment are simply designed to make disabled driving easier, but they’re certainly not critical to functionality.

Car Driving Equipment for Disabled Drivers

Car Driving Equipment for Disabled Drivers

One really useful asset for a disabled driver is a steering knob which is designed to allow the handicapped person the ability to rapidly turn the steering wheel using just one hand.  When you’re using hand controls you’ll find that it can be difficult to manage being able to switch between everything which the hands need to be able to do.  By using a steering knob you’re able to calmly pilot the vehicle in a manner which is far safer.

There are also lots of pedal modifications which can help out several different aspects of the vehicle.  You’ll find that pedal guards are particularly widely used in conjunction with hand controls, and they stop the driver accidently engaging the pedals.  There are also pedal extensions which cater to a range of different ailments (not just those of short stature).

Next there are left foot accelerators, which allow those who can use one leg to be able to utilize the gas pedal instead of the brakes.  Essentially this is because you accelerate much more, and since you’re used to using your leg as well as it being stronger to use then your arm, you want to leverage that ability to allow you an easier driving experience.

Car Driving Equipment for Disabled Drivers

Overall you’ll find that there are lots of different types of handicapped driving equipment, and as you can see from the image above of steering wheel knobs, there is a lot of variation.  It’s all about achieving two things, comfort and safety.  Having a three pin wrist support allows you for a far more comfortable driving experience.

 On the other hand it also allows you to drive safer, which should be your first priority.  Although of course, drivers who are paraplegics are statistically less likely to suffer an accident – I don’t know for which reasons this is, but ultimately it shows a carefulness to driving which I can appreciate.

Car Driving Equipment

Car Driving Equipment

It’s definitely worth finding devices which are comfortable, and you’ll find that it’s the little things which you don’t realize, such as the angle of a pedal extension being a little too high with is uncomfortable.  Those are the small types of things which you won’t recognize as important at the time, but will frustrate you in the long run.

It’s worth checking out the page on Car Hand Controls Cost if you want to find out rough figures for how much you’ll be set back, and if you’re planning on buying some portable models then it may be worth checking out our page with Car Hand Controls for Sale if you want to find out more.

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