Buying Disabled Hand Controls for Cars

If you’re interested in buying hand controls for cars designed to be used by disabled drivers then find out everything you need to know on this page.  I’ll go over what needs to be done to purchase the different types of hand controls.

There are two different methods of buying the two different types of hand control, the first type are the portable versions which you can personally install and remove as you see fit.  Then there’s also the permanent installations which require a disabled car dealership to purchase and a mechanic to install.

Buying Disabled Hand Controls for Cars

I’ll be honest, you’re in luck if you want to buy a set of portable (or mobile) hand controls, because there are a few advantages if you fall under this category.  To start with you can purchase them of the internet which allows you to shop around for the cheapest price around.  It also allows you to read reviews of the product before you buy it, instead of having some salesman tell you how good it is – you’re much more likely to read impartial information.

What’s more is that instead of paying several hundred dollars for an installation as is standard nowadays you install it yourself so you save money just on the self-installation.  They arrive with (usually) comprehensive instructions so it shouldn’t be a problem to install it without any help at all, you certainly don’t need a trained mechanic.

What’s more is they’re always considerably cheaper, generally around 200-250 dollars will be adequate to purchase a decent set of Disabled Hand Controls for your car.  When you’re looking at permanent installations which require a mechanic to install the figure is around 400 dollars with 200 more for the installation (as a very rough average figure).

It might be worth checking out our page on how to install and buy portable disabled hand controls for cars if you’re interested in pursuing this course of action.

Purchasing Disabled Hand Controls for Cars

When you’re looking at installing the permanent models which require a mechanic (as I’m sure you’ve read above), the costs and time and effort requirement are significantly more.  But personally I would still opt for this type of permanent fitting because they tend to be far superior in terms of reducing the effort required for usage.  They’re more secure, and although they cannot (usually) allow a non-disabled person to drive the vehicle, it’s generally the best choice if you want to take up a lot of disabled driving.

The first thing you need to do is located the disabled car dealerships which are close to where you are, generally searching on Google something along the lines of ‘Disabled Car Dealership *insert your location*’ is the best thing to do.  Start small, as in the town, city or local area where you live, and then expand your search outwards.

Next it’s best to ring them all up and ask them what devices they have and who they’re suitable for, and then it’s time to do your own research on them.  You can utilize this website for that, some of the manufacturer’s websites are hard to navigate and clearly biased – but it’s best to look at both our and their website if you want the best split of information.

Disabled Hand Controls

Disabled Hand Controls

You need to locate everywhere which has models which cater to your requirements, and then it’s only a matter of finding out their relevant prices.  Remember that the total cost is made up of the cost of the model, as well as the installation cost which is the cost of the mechanic per hour times by the total installation time in hours.

It’s very important if you want the true cost of disabled hand controls for handicapped drivers to get to the bottom of how much the installation costs because it can easily cost around half of the entire cost.  Most importantly is that it varies significantly between different shops so it’s also worth shopping around and negotiating.

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  1. Raymond says:

    *My father in-law past away about a month ago the Ford truck he was driving is equipped with a handicap driving control is hard to remove i,t can I remove the control my self.


    Thanks, Raymond

    • Jonathan Bell says:

      May I ask what model the hand control is? Some are heavily integrated with your car and required professional removal – others may required less skill but may still be dangerous to remove personally. If you can tell me a little more information I can assist you a little more.

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