Buy Cheap Handicap Steering Wheel Knobs Here (Advice and Products)

On this page you can find both specific steering wheel knobs to buy, plus advice on how they’re used with regards to disabled driving.  Buying the cheapest handicap steering knobs involves using the internet, whereas the most expensive ones which are manufactured by handicap car equipment brands are bought from disabled car dealerships.

Handicap steering wheel knobs are usually used with hand controls


Generally you’ll find that handicap steering knobs are used in conjunction with hand controls by paraplegic drivers.  It’s generally the case that a driver who cannot use his legs must use a set of hand controls to operate the gas and brake pedals.  This allows the driver to operate both pedals with just one hand, and no legs.  Driving a car with no legs is not difficult but you need to make sure that you have the right equipment to begin with and this usually entails pedal guards, hand controls and steering knobs.

Operation of a hand controls kit requires the driver to take one hand off the wheel and operate the handle for the hand controls.  This means that he will usually only have one hand free to steer with.  Obviously this is a problem because although it might be alright for a short amount of time it’s certainly not suitable for any long period of driving.  This is where the handicap steering knobs come into play.

Although steering knobs are generally illegal in most states because they allow the driver to turn the wheel too quickly, in the case of handicapped drivers they’re almost a requirement if hand controls are being used.  For example most people use a quick release steering wheel knob which grants the driver extra leverage and allows a much smoother action when turning the wheel.  The quick release function is seen as especially useful because it allows the driver to remove the steering knob when the car needs to be used by an able bodied driver who doesn’t need a spinner knob.

You can buy handicap steering knobs online


I generally recommend purchasing your handicap steering knobs online for a few reasons.  Firstly they’re significantly cheaper and cost between 10-20 dollars.  Secondly they’re practically the exact same as the steering knobs branded as specifically for disabilities in terms of functionality and specifications.  Finally they’re much more convenient to purchase because you can get them delivered straight to your house instead of needing to drive out to a disabled vehicle shop.

Below are the steering knobs which I recommend.

The Allison Heavy Duty Steering Knob (you can buy it here) is our most popular product and it’s a simple, sturdy and durable quick-release steering wheel knob.  Its quick release functionality makes it perfect for sharing a car as well as for retaining the value of your vehicle.  Its heavy-duty construction creates a safe but relatively inexpensive method of steering your vehicle with only one hand available.

If you want an even cheaper spinner wheel knob which has a different shape and where the grip is constructed with a mixture of plastic and metal then I suggest the Type S Spinner Knob which retails on Amazon for 10 dollars (you can buy it here).  I would personally fork out the extra 10 dollars and get the heavy duty steering knob but its nevertheless commonly used by handicap drivers who only need to engage in one handed steering for a short amount of time.  It features a quick release function and a cushion insert beneath the knob to limit any pressure marks upon the steering wheel.

Finally we have the ROADPRO Steering Wheel Spinner Knob which is made almost entirely from metal and plastic.  One negative aspect which a reviewer points out is the plastic center yet he still rated the product highly due to easily installation after apparently trying 5 different steering knobs.  The ROADPRO spinner knob costs about 12 dollars (you can buy it here).

I’ve sold a lot of steering knobs through Amazon and I have yet to receive a single complaint about their usability or durability.  Although they’re not sold as ‘disabled steering knobs’ like the products I’ll go over below they still do exactly the same job at 1/5th of the price.  I’ve seen some specialist disabled car equipment brands selling handicap driving knobs for as much as 120 dollars so believe me when I say that buying them online is a bargain.

…  Or by them at a disabled vehicle dealership handicap steering knobs


Menox steering knobs – Menox manufactures several similar types of steering wheel knobs which complement their famous hand control system.  There are five different Menox steering knobs but several of them are quite similar and there are essentially two major differences.  There are the models which have slightly different structural compositions which are designed to fit the driver’s hand more comfortable.  Then there are the models with different functionality, in this case featuring secondary car function buttons such as that of the turn signals onto the steering knob.

Menox Handicap Steering Knobs

Menox Handicap Steering Knobs… they have plenty of good spinner knobs but no other attachments. Although steering knobs do account for the vast majority of steering wheel attachments there are plenty of people that require more specialist equipment.

GuidoSimplex steering wheel knob – When you take into account that GuidoSimplex has a very large range of hand controls and other car equipment then their single spinner knob seems a surprising twist especially when you consider that most competitors have multiple different options.  On the other hand, you basically just need a ball attached to the steering wheel so I would say it’s not a massive surpriseg that the GuidoSimplex team didn’t misplace their time on unnecessary aesthetic features.

Monarch Steering Knob – MPS Monarch only has one steering knob which is similar to that of GuidoSimplex.  It’s a basic quick release knob with nothing special about it whatsoever.

MPD Steering Knob – The same is true of Mobility Products and Design’s steering knob, they only have one steering wheel knob and there’s nothing special about MPD’s spinner knob at all.

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