Buy Basic, Simple and Inexpensive Portable Hand Controls

With a raft of hand controls on the market costing between 600-2500 dollars each you can be forgiven for thinking that driving is for the more wealthy disabled instead of all of us regular people.  Unfortunately not all of us can afford a fancy 40,000 dollar truck with the latest electronic gizmos and gadgets and same is true of hand controls.
Normal handicapped people want basic hand controls, simple hand controls and inexpensive hand controls.  Thankfully portable hand controls are basic, simple and inexpensive all in one.  One stone, three birds.

Basic hand controls refers to manually powered hand control that are devoid of extra assistive technology such as mechanical linkage, electronic or hydraulic systems.  People aim to buy basic hand controls because they’re significantly cheaper and generally refer to basic portable hand controls.  This is because portable hand controls only offer manual driving mechanisms but also because they’re cheaper and quickly removable from your car.  Most people want basic handicap driving kits because they’re cheaper and don’t require extensive modifications to the car.  Portable hand controls fulfill all of these requirements and so are generally the preferred choice for most disabled drivers.

Simple hand controls refers to hand controls which are simple to use and install.  Simple to use can refer to a wide array of different hand controls.  For example an electronic acceleration ring might sound complicated to use but essentially it’s a simple ring device fitted over (or under) the steering wheel which only has to be pressed down slightly to accelerate.  Using this type of electronic gas ring is incredibly simple to use plus safer than most contemporary hand controls.  Unfortunately the gas ring doesn’t meet the second requirement of being simple to install because you need to find a disabled vehicle dealership for that, and even then they might not necessarily have the skills, will or legally be able to install it.

Inexpensive hand controls refers to two different options for you.  Firstly there are used hand controls on Ebay and similar websites… and secondly, yep you guessed it, portable driving control.  You can generally find permanent hand controls which require professional installation on Ebay, and websites such as Amazon sell the portable models.  Generally you can get the cheapest driving kits at around 200-350 dollars if you so wish, prices for both are relatively similar.  One thing which you need to consider when you’re buying hand controls which require permanent modifications to your car is how much the installation costs.  Generally it’s at least several hundred dollars which may make it the same price as the actual ‘inexpensive hand controls’ if not more expensive.  You also need to make sure that you have somewhere that can actually install it for you.  Preferably you should have some knowledge beforehand on whether they have experience installing it.  Mechanics can follow a est of instructions just like you could build your own computer if you had the components and a manual – but it doesn’t mean the finish product would be so good.

Which are the best hand controls to buy?


Let’s take the question of ‘which are the best hand controls to buy?’ within the parameter of this page – basic, simple and inexpensive being the three most important words of the day.

The obvious option which I’ve mentioned throughout also has some drawbacks, that is that portable hand controls lack the kind of functional technology due to the very nature of their cheap price, basic design and simplicity.  For example if you have muscle dystrophy and your hands are weakened then operating the foot pedals via hand control rods simply isn’t feasible.  You need a reasonable amount of strength to manually operate pedals by hand because they were designed to be comfortably operated by one’s feet.  In this case you would require electronic driving controls which would make acceleration substantially easier (as easy as pushing a button).  But this would instantly be expensive and difficult to find and install.  This puts a lot of people off.

The best driving controls for handicapped persons are the controls which are suited to your specific requirements, your car and your set of circumstances.  Not all hand controls work in all cars, occasional drivers and heavy drivers will require very different types of equipment and of course your disability or health issues will require different equipment too.

You can utilize this website to learn about every single type of handicap driving kit available, plus find out everything you need to know about disabled driving as well as all the equipment required.

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