Brake only Handicapped Hand Controls for Disabled Drivers

You’ll find that brake only hand controls are the perfect handicapped car equipment for disabled drivers who can still accelerate using one of their legs, but are not able to brake.  Find out more below.

A lot of the man manufacturers out there only tend to cater to the most common group of people who need this type of driving equipment.  I’m talking of course about people who cannot use their legs at all, and although this group is the largest out there who are looking for these types of device it still doesn’t do anything to cater to those who partial use of their legs.  Now I’m not going to say that they don’t provide any controls whatsoever, but you’ll find that most have a limited range and others do actually have none.

If you do want brake only hand controls than either Mobility Products and Design or GuidoSimplex are the best options for you.

I personally think that GuidoSimplex is the best on the market at the moment and they provide a number of different options for varying budgets and options.  For example you can have brake only hand controls which are stationed by the seat.  Or you can have it stationed onto the steering wheel so you can keep both hands on the wheel.  Imagine how useful this would be with their accelerator ring which is placed over the wheel.  This allows for the drive to be able to comfortably accelerate/brake without taking hands of the wheel at all.  Furthermore these brake controls can have buttons which control secondary functions such as the car’s turn signals.

MPD has more primitive design but they’re never the less certainly useful, especially for those on perhaps a tighter budget.

Ultimately though there are some people with degenerative diseases who can use one of their legs now but won’t be able to in the near future that may be worth of just buying a regular set of handicap hand controls.

The advantages are pretty clear in my opinion because it gives drivers the ability to practice driving completely disabled before it happens.  Then it also means that instead of having to potentially spend more money you’ll be saving the extra you’d have had to fork out.

Saying that, I think that if you can use one leg – especially if you’ll be able to keep on using it for a long term they’re a perfect alternative.  The immediate advantages are very clear with being able to use three limbs instead of two.  It can be difficult to drive using regular hand controls for cars to begin with because you have to remember that you can need to be at three places at once.

You may need to brake, turn and switch on your turn signal all at the same time and this requires more than two limbs or very quick switching.  Well, having three limbs available to use it means you can carry out these three actions without having to worry about how fast you can switch in between things.  It makes driving easier, relaxing and most of all much safer.

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