Brake Only Hand Controls

There tends to be either two types of hand controls which are meant to engage the brake pedal only.  Firstly there are specific models which arrive with only one metal rod attached to the brake pedal and secondly there are regular hand controls (designed for left and right hands) where you simply do not use the accelerator or you can disengage or detach it.  Portable kits are also suitable and fall under the category of simply not attaching the acceleration pedal rod.

The Usage of Brake Only Handicap Driving Controls


There is essentially just one group of people who will want this device.  These are the people who can still use their right leg to engage the gas pedal but who cannot use their left leg.  Therefore they can use one hand to steer and another to engage the brake handle/lever control when is necessary.  Most people will fall under this category.

This is in stark contrast to acceleration only hand controls which are somewhat useful for people who cannot use their right leg, but far more useful for people who can’t use their right leg and want to utilize a left foot acceleration pedal.

Example of a GuidoSimpleBrake Only Hand Control

You can find out more about useful left foot gas pedals for acceleration here and if you didn’t know about them before and you cannot use your right leg then you’ll be very happy you found this website because it will make driving significantly easier.

Portable Brake Only Hand Controls


If you’re looking at casual driving or you’re on a budget then I suggest you look into utilizing portable hand controls for disabled drivers.  I don’t currently sell any myself, but the product I recommend is the Freedom Staff Kit.

It’s around 250 dollars, well-reviewed and I’ve personally tested them out myself and found that along with many other people they’re a fantastic alternative to permanent installation hand controls which require irreversible modifications to your car.

Its only in recent years that the technology for portable sets has caught up almost all the way with models which render the car unusable for able bodied driving and significantly lower the value of the car once the modifications are removed.

Portable Freedom Staff Hand Control

Nowadays people more and more disabled drivers are in fact choosing to replace their older models with removable devices such as I’ve mentioned above.

I’ve had lots of emails from people who were forced because of their financial situation to opt towards the cheaper option to be pleasantly surprised by how functional they were.

Likewise I’ve also had people who could still afford more expensive models but still wanting to save the money and spend it elsewhere who were also very happy with the results.

Brake Only Products


This section is going to list the permanent and portable products on offer to help you make an informed decision.

Portable Brake Only Products


Since I only recommend one portable device I’ll start of by linking you to the cheap Freedom Staff portable driving kit which you can read more about.

The Freedom Staff Hand Control Laid Out

MPS Monarch


When it comes to MPS Monarch you’ll find that their four different devices consist of two rods for the acceleration/brake – and only one needs to be installed.

Brake Only Driving Control by MPS Monarch

This means that when you’re at a disabled car shop you can choose to only install the rod connecting to the brake pedal.  What’s more is that if you have an illness which may mean that in the future your operation leg will become non-functioning you can simply have the other rod installed for full usage.

You can find out more about MPS Monarch’s brake hand control here.

Mobility Products and Design


When it comes to MPD you’ll find that it’s a pretty similar situation to MPS Monarch apart from that instead of having all their hand controls allowing for only brake usage it’s just one model type – the MPD 3500.

MPD 3501 Brake only Hand Control

There’s a model number conversation which results in the creation of the 3501 brake only hand control which has 4 different handle fittings.

You can find out more about it from the link to its specific page above.



GuidoSimplex is an interesting one because they have the widest array of devices on offer by far.  They actually have five different possible models.

The technology of these devices ranges the full spectrum on offer by any of the major companies (mechanical, electronic and hydraulic).

GuidoSimplex Brake Only Hand Control

This opens up a substantial amount of choice, but as always, at a price – GuidoSimplex can be very expensive if you opt for their more complex products.

You can find out more about GuidoSimplex’s five different devices here.

Additional Equipment you’ll need for your Vehicle


Some people think that driving with a disability is as easy as being able to operate the brake and acceleration pedals with your hands; unfortunately it’s not that simple.

Firstly you’ll need car equipment such as steering assistance, pedal equipment (which are both necessities in most cases) – and you’ll also probably want accessories to make driving a little easier and much more comfortable.

If you don’t know much about this topic I suggest you see my page on additional equipment for disabled use of your car for further information.

It’s generally split into two categories – what you must have and what you’ll probably want, but as I said it’s best for you to check out my specific page.

What do I Recommend?


If you have limited funds, non-fatal disabilities (such as not being able to use one leg but the rest of your body is basically fine) and you aren’t interested in doing a substantial amount of driving (just a few hours every day at most) then portable kits will always get my recommendation – especially in these economically worrying times.

If you have a little more money and want a more comfortable driving experience then MPS Monarch or Mobility Products and Design are a good choice.

If you have more money, want an incredibly comfortable driving experience (or you have substantial disabilities ranging beyond just being able to use one leg) then GuidoSimplex is a fantastic choice to go for.

Start learning about hand controls and disabled driving here.