Best Portable Male Urination Bottle Kits of 2015

Simple urination bottles are used generally in the bedroom but are useful urination aids for outdoors travelling too.  The concept is very simple.  A bottle large enough for a large amount of urine.  A hole which is the right size… for most men.  A lid to secure the contents.  This article is regarding some of the best portable urine bottles of 2015.  By ‘best urine bottles’ I don’t mean the most expensive, but a compromise between quality, style, price and of course utility.

The Model DYND80235H Male Medline Urinal is a translucent plastic bottle with a handle and lid.  It weighs half a pound and can hold up to 32 ounces of urine (or other liquids!).  It’s incredibly cheap at only $4.00 from  It’s one of your most standard basic pee bottles available for men.  Going up the length of the bottle there is a line marking the volume amount at each level.  The bottle is square is structure, allowing for both horizontal and vertical positioning without the chance of falling over (unless pushed of course).

Medline Urinals - Male Urinal, Translucent

Medline Urinals – Male Urinal, Translucent

When choosing between different urination bottles for men there are really just a few things to consider.  Firstly there’s the color.  Do you want a translucent bottle which allows you to see the color (and quantity) of your urine?  This can be useful for monitoring your urine quality and amount.  On the other hand obviously seeing the quality and color of your urine all the time can be off putting – especially if it’s a family member or loved one who will be changing and emptying the bottle.  If indeed there is any discoloring of your urine it will be noticed when the contents of the pee bottle is emptied.

Next there’s the 32 oz Deluxe Glow in the Dark Lid Medline Pee Bottle.  This is almost exactly the same as the first pee bottle aid I mentioned in the second paragraph.  Its one special feature is that it’s a glow in the dark model.  This makes it especially useful for nighttime use when searching around in the dark can cause frustration.  Aside from that slight difference it’s actually exactly the same as the first model.  Note that the glow in the dark feature is referring to the lid only.

2 Pc 32 oz Deluxe Male Urinal Glow in the Dark Lid Medline Pee Bottle

2 Pc 32 oz Deluxe Male Urinal Glow in the Dark Lid Medline Pee Bottle

Finally there’s the Spill Proof Male Urinal Aqua Color.  This is a non-translucent pee bottle which means you cannot judge how much urine there is and what color it is too.  One other useful feature of this urine bottle aid is that it features a non-spill tube that’s roughly average flaccid penis size.  This allows the penis to be inserted into the narrow tube and reduces (if not totally eliminates) the chances of splash back.

Spill Proof Male Urinal Aqua Color

Spill Proof Male Urinal Aqua Color


I would actually highly recommend this urination aid for this single advantage.  Using a pee bottle on a daily basis when there’s a small chance of splash back (when using the first two devices) is going to create a substantial mess over periods of prolonged use.  Almost totally eliminating splash back will even create a mess over long periods of time – however it will substantially reduce the volume.

Best Length Adjustable Bathing Benches and Chairs of 2015

The bathroom can be a slippery place with most injuries in the house occurring in the bathroom, especially when elderly or disabled people are involved.  Creating a safe bathroom environment by utilizing bathroom aid bathing benches and bathing chairs is very important.

When you’re looking for handicapped bathing chairs there are a few key features which you should opt for.  Firstly having a height length adjustable chair is very useful.  These length adjustable chairs don’t cost huge amounts of extra money (in fact many are cheaper), and they allow for the perfect height for the user.

AquaSense Adjustable Bath and Shower Chair with Non-Slip Seat

It’s worth checking exactly what length range the chair is adjustable by.

All four legs of the bathing chair are length adjustable in a similar fashion to length adjustable crutches which have small holes spread out evenly along the legs allowing length adjustments in increments of around one inch.

The Ez2care Adjustable Lightweight Shower Bench is the most popular, affordable and useful bathroom bathing chair on  It’s length adjustable, simple and lightweight.  It also features a neutral grey white base seat, and stainless steel silver chair legs.  It’s designed as a functional bathroom aid – no gimmicks whatsoever.  More important it’s priced at under $30 which is incredibly affordable.

The second most popular bathing chair is the AquaSense Adjustable Bath and Shower Chair with Non-Slip Seat.  This is very similar to the E2care bathing bench however one big difference is that it features a non-slip seat.  What’s more is that it’s around $20 which makes it 1/3rd of the price of its similar competition.  On the other hand $30 is already cheap… and perhaps it’s not worth risking your safety by choosing the cheapest product you can find.

A slightly different but similar bathing chair is the Drive Medical Bath Stool With Padded Rotating Seat.  It too is length adjustable but features a rotating seat.  The seat rotates a full 360 degrees and is very useful for use in the bath or shower.  However it’s worth noting that not everyone will find this seat useful… the spinning feature can actually cause accidents in some cases.  It depends upon the person’s stability and motion.

Moen DN7025 Home Care Adjustable Tub And Shower Seat

Notice the rubber tipped legs to increase friction to reduce accidents.

If you’re interested in bathroom and shower stools/chairs which are length adjustable the first thing you need to inspect is their length range.  Some chairs which are length adjustable can only be adjusted between a height range of several inches.. whereas others are adjustable up to around ten inches.  It’s also worth looking into the increments that each length adjustment alters the height by – usually it’s around one inch.

There are many types of useful handicapped bathroom accessories which serve two main purposes.  The first and foremost is creating a safer bathroom environment.  This includes prevention such as non-slip floor mats, as well as responsive which includes safety handles and rails to grab onto if a slip occurs.  The second is creating an easier and more comfortable bathroom experience.  The length adjustable bathing chairs which this article focuses on are a key part of creating this environment.

My 2012 List of Hand Controls for Disabled Drivers

There are two different types of hand controls for disabled drivers each with their own unique advantages and disadvantages.  Generally these affect the product’s price, functionality and installation process.  Hand controls for disabled drivers are an important aspect of the mobility scene and allow disable people to drive using only their hands.  You can find out about permanent and portable hand controls for disabled drivers below.

Portable Hand Controls for Disabled Drivers


Below you’ll find a list of the current most popular portable hand controls which I’ve reviewed and looked into so far.  There are actually several which I have not yet reviewed and do not have enough information to give you at this moment in time, but rest assured that I chose to look at the best portable hand controls first.  There are only a few other types of portable hand controls for disabled drivers and one which I’ll quickly mentioned is the Alfred Bekker portable hand control kit.  Please do not buy this kit, research into and buy anything but these portable car hand controls because I’ve heard numerous reports and received several emails regarding their meek durability.  Apparently they will sometimes actually snap and break whilst driving, so please do yourself a favor and do not purchase them.

Freedom Staff Portable Hand Controls – the Freedom Staff hand controls are our most popular product and you can purchase them for under 300 dollars on Amazon.  Go ahead and read our review here before checking out what people on Amazon think via their reviews.  I do not actually sell this myself yet, but I’ve heard many reports about their effectiveness and functionality.  The Freedom Staff Handicap Driving Kit is not only low in cost but a highly effective tool for driving as a paraplegic too.

TNT Portable Hand Controls – coming in at number two are the TNT driving controls which are also similar in price and can be purchased on Amazon.  These have been around for a long time and although their website looks like it was made by a 12 year old with notepad they’re sturdily made and great for drivers using only their hands.

PHC 3 Portable Hand Controls – the PHC 3 hand controls by WheelAbility have been around for awhile now and have even featured in Japan.  They’re easy to use, light and made from durable components but they’re a little but more expensive than their competition.  These are not available on Amazon but can be purchased from the WheelAbility website (which also looks like a 12 year old made it).

AZ-1 Portable Hand Controls – some people say these are a rip-off of TNT’s hand controls but whether it’s true or not AZ-1 hand controls are still reasonably popular.  Generally people prefer the products I’ve listed above but in my opinion that’s only because they’ve been around longer and are more established – most of these hand controls are similar in design and the same is true of AZ-1’s product too.

Permanent Hand Controls for Disabled Drivers


Most portable devices are standalone one device products but the same is not true of permanent hand controls for disabled drivers.  These are constructed by businesses who (apart from Menox) have many different products on offer.  Menox has one hand control, GuidoSimplex has around 30, MPS Monarch has 4 and Mobility Products and Design has about 10 hand controls for disabled drivers.  You can find out more about each of their different hand control products below.

Menox Hand Controls – most people are interested in the price of Menox hand controls more than anything else because they’re notoriously expensive at around 2,100 dollars, that’s about 6 times more expensive than almost all of the portable hand controls I’ve listed above.  Nevertheless many people are happy to spend that kind of money on the Menox hand control because of its functionality and stability which is difficult to find elsewhere.  Menox is a famous Danish disabled vehicle equipment manufacturer and they produce only one hand control but it’s a definitely a great one and reasonably popular.

GuidoSimplex Hand Controls – whereas Menox produces only one hand control GuidoSimplex produces dozens of different hand controls.  GuidoSimplex even have electronic hand controls for disabled drivers as well as even one or two hydraulically powered hand controls which is fairly unique.  If you’re looking for brand new ways of driving a car then GuidoSimplex is right for you because they have unmatched variety.

MPS Monarch Hand Controls – sometimes MPS Monarch hand controls are simply referred to as Monarch hand controls or sometimes as MPS hand controls.  I’ve chosen to combine MPS Monarch together for simplicity and you can find out about their four different manual hand controls for disabled drivers, these are very popular because they’re relatively cheap at 700 dollars and yet still retain the sturdiness and functionality of permanent hand controls.

MPD Hand Controls – Mobility Products and Design’s hand controls (usually known as MPD) have a large array of products on offer. In many ways they’re very similar to MPS Monarch because they have manual mechanical hand controls at similar prices with the products even looking similar.  There’s a lot to choose from when you look at MPD hand controls for disabled drivers.

Highly Disabled Student George Austin Assaulted by a Bully

Stories like this sicken me to death, and it’s tragic to see a student who is so highly disabled to have been bullied and beaten in such a manner.  Not only does George Austin suffer from complete blindness he also has cerebral palsy and finds it incredibly difficult to walk.  George Austin was assaulted by an older bully (the name cannot be released for legal reasons) when George Austin threw a can of coke at him after he was called a ‘retard’.  Now of course throwing the can of coke shouldn’t have been done, but the provocation was very clear.  Furthermore what kind of a coward do you have to be to attack someone who is younger than you, completely blind and who has difficulties walking.  It really is completely pathetic.

Here’s one comment by Kathy Metz which I completely agree with, ‘I would gladly take a simple assault charge to punch that senior in the face like he did Austin. Being a parent/guardian of a special needs 3 yr old it scares me to death to send him to school becase of the horror stories I hear about special needs students. I think the law should be much tougher on someone who deliberately harms a special needs person of any age. They are cowards and pathetic if you ask me. But there bullying came from somewhere in there past which is a sad story in itself. i was bullied as a child because i was very poor but it didn’t make me a bullier. I made me a better person. A senior needs to go to jail and then do volunteer time at UCP United Cerebal Palsy for a year. Maybe he would grow a heart and back bone.’.

I personally don’t think lots of jail time will help these people realize what they’re doing is wrong, what I think is great is the suggest that Kathy’s made to force them to volunteer and help people in difficult situations.  I refuse to believe that the vast majority of school bullies who are picking on disabled students are doing so because they’re just cruel people.  I think they’re doing what they do because they don’t perceive it as wrong and they don’t realize the daily hardships which disabled people face.  But the simple fact of the matter is that living with any disability is a daily struggle which is infuriating by itself without the interference of others.

I can only imagine what it’s like to be a disabled student who is starting to go through puberty at high school.  Going through puberty at high school is difficult enough but for a disabled child who is almost certainly going to get picked on, at least by some people must be incredibly difficult.

George Austin's wounds by high school bully

I think cases like this one involved George Austin help to highlight the reality of bullying in our schools, but I don’t want this news story to focus purely on one individual type of discrimination.  I would lie to see bullying stop for all minority groups who always get targeted, whether it’s your race, religion, weight, appearance or so forth.  The simple truth here is a lack of empathy and understanding for others, and that’s completely understandable when you consider that bullies are high school are only children themselves trying to find their own way.  What’s not understandable is that the punishments tend to be punitive and don’t resolve the core issues at heart here.  Finding the child, the parents of the child or making them do community service doesn’t prevent further bullying unless you target the source of their ignorance directly.

If a bully targets a wheelchair bound paraplegic child then a year volunteering with wheelchair bound people would do the trick.  Pushing them around, changing bedpans, helping them do every little thing they cannot do themselves will shape up our youngsters who simply don’t know what being disabled is liked.

Although I was only temporarily disabled myself it just took a day or so for the frustration of not being able to walk to kick in and I found almost everything I couldn’t do incredibly frustrating.

If only George Austin lived in Orange County where an initiative has been set up by an organization called Canine Angels to provide disabled service dogs free of charge to 15-25 year old youths.  These kinds of initiatives are great and I recommend looking into disabled service dogs (sometimes just known as service dogs) if you think that would interest you.

Disabled Service Dogs, and Two Other Disabled News Stories

On this, the first edition of the latest disabled news stories for the website there are three stories which have caught my eye and may well be of interest to you too.  The first is with regards to disabled service dogs which can carry out simple to moderate tasks designed to make life easier for disabled people.  The second is a damning report by the National Council on Disability: Living, Learning and Earning with outlines the widespread discrimination which disabled parents face.  Finally the last story is a shot one which outlines the disgusting act of stealing a disabled mobility scooter from not just a disabled person, but a veteran too.

Disabled Services Dogs by Canine Angels in Orange County, California


Canine Angels is a disabled service dogs organization which provides free service dogs for disabled youths aged from 5-25.  These service dogs can open doors, pull wheelchairs, pick up objects of the ground, operate elevators and much much more.  As you can imagine they’ve of great assistance to a disabled person and almost as importantly they provide constant companionship.  Who wouldn’t want a dog like that to help you?!

I think what’s really special about Canine Angels is their charity work in providing the service dogs for disabled people which would usually cost easily thousands of dollars.  They make a real difference in people’s lives and very recently an event to raise money for the organization took place and was a great success.  The event was a 20 dollar per head walk with the dogs through a park with gift bags and a t-shirt for those who took part.

Although I think the main focus should always be on finding a cure to the array of spinal cord injury issues which affect so many of us there’s no doubt that until the front pages proclaim “The Cure is Here!” (some people may be let down if they don’t specify what!) these are exactly the kinds of initiatives which make a real difference in people’s lives.

I only wish there was more of this type of assistance, particularly from the government, in sponsoring and supporting these kinds of life changing and incredibly useful programs.

Rocking the Cradle: Ensuring the Rights of Parents with Disabilities and Their Children


I took the title for this subsection (Rocking the Cradle: Ensuring the Rights of Parents with Disabilities and Their Children) directly from the government’s webpage on this matter.  The Rocking the Cradle report is a relatively short study conducted by the National Council on Disability which highlights the problems which disabled parents face where dealing with the government, courts, authority and the suggestion is schools and social services too.  Some disabled parents may face physical difficulties but that’s nothing compared to the numerous non-disabled parents who are drug users, alcoholics and worse.  If I could choose between a caring disabled mother and an alcoholic mother I know which one I’d choose in a heartbeat.

Unfortunately the facts are that disabled people are one of the last groups to get equal (let alone positive) treatment, with different ethnic and religious groups actually getting preferential treatment would you believe.  The reason for this is pretty simple in my opinion and it’s that religious and ethnic groups are more vocal and more willing to stand up to or even threaten the government to ensure and enshrine their rights.

One startling thing which the Rocking the Cradle investigation highlights is that the majority of able bodied parents also believe that disabled people are unfit to be parents.  This is perpetuated even more by professionals who harbor similar beliefs about disabled parents being unable to properly look after their children.  What is the point of the ADA if not to stop this kind of discrimination?  I can’t go and say that black parents are unfit to be parents, so why is it acceptable in our society for me to say that disabled parents are unfit to be parents?  It isn’t, and it shouldn’t be and it has to stop.

Thief Steals Mobility Scooter from a Disabled Veteran


To be fair, I doubt the thief knew that he was stealing a mobility scooter from a man who happened to be both disabled and a veteran.  To be fair he probably thought he was stealing it from an obese person or just an elderly person – perhaps an obese elderly person.  But he didn’t stealing it from those two groups of people.  He stole a mobility scooter from someone who had served his country and was now living with a disability.  He stole from someone who’s given so much and received so little and reward and I’m not going to sit here and say I feel hatred for the thief, I feel pity for him more than anything.

You can read the full story here.

Utilizing the SCI Rutgers Carecure Forums and the Apparelyzed Forums

If you have any type of spinal cord injury (SCI) or any type of disability then there are two important and well known forums which you should be aware of.  The first is the Carecure Forums which are run by SCI Rutgers which I personally think is the most useful non-profit disability forum.  The second, and still very useful, is the Apparelyzed Forums which also focuses around spinal cord injuries but also looks at other disabilities in general.

SCI Rutgers Carecure Forums Overview


The Carecure Forums has a lot of great positives about it which mark it out as my personal favorite   Firstly they have a lot of different topics which you can most on, ranging from ‘care’ to ‘cures’, ‘politics’ to ‘food’ and ‘equipment’ to ‘music’.  They have topics for absolutely every aspect of daily living which means you can gain a lot of useful insights and tips from people with spinal cord injuries.

Secondly the SCI Rutger forums have a lot of experience SCI doctors, nurses and members.  The doctors and nurses can obviously provide specialized spinal cord injury information which you would normally have to go to your doctor for.  Plus they have tens of thousands of members many who have years of experience plus a wealth of information which you’ll find useful.  You can retroactively search the forums to look for old posts with information relevant to what you need.

Let’s say you need to find out information about a specific type of wheelchair, or whether medicare or medicaid cover it, you can do a simple search for it and most likely find out information about it.  But if you can’t find out information about it then the next logical step is to search for great wheelchairs which other people have liked.  What’s more is that if you create an account you can PM other Carecure forum members.  This means that if someone’s talking about a wheelchair of set of hand controls which they like you can ask them specific questions and find out more.  Or if they appear to have a lot of knowledge about a particular brand, product or type of product you can inquire with your own specific questions and utilize their knowledge.

Perhaps one of the best things about the Carecure forums is the sense of community.  The Carecure forums feels more like a family than an anonymous forum and you feel like you’re part of that family very quickly.  You get to know the regular contributors, the moderators and SCI doctors and nurses and perhaps most importantly you can have a laugh and joke around in a comfortable environment.  Just today I saw an amusing post titled ‘the most pathetic thing ever’ with the content being ‘when a successful bowel movement is the best part of your day’ and everyone else joking along.  It’s great.

Going back to disability equipment and more useful SCI mobility equipment it seems to me that the SCI Rutger forums are perhaps most useful for the member’s assessment and information about various equipment.  Every single imaginable type of equipment used by spinal cord injury victims is here and you can learn so much about what’s on offer and what you need – and as I mentioned above sending a PM to a Carecure forum member can save a lot of uncertainty plus provide you with extra information.

As I mentioned above I do think that the Carecure forums is the best but that may be because that’s the one I use the most and have built up a relationship with.  Or it may really be because it’s the best, it’s heard to remove my personal subjectivity when it’s so intertwined with the topic so I suggest the best thing to do is to check things out yourself.

Apparelyzed Forums


The Apparelyzed Forums also have an incredibly wide range of topics available, plus a large member base too.  One thing which really puts my off is the layout.  The text is difficult to read and these too much of it for each topic and I also feel like there’s an information overload where I’m just getting bombarded with so much information that it makes it so difficult to take everything in.  I suppose I prefer a simpler and less intrusive lay out.

The Apparelyzed Forums are the more ‘hip’ forums and they tend to have more younger members and more of a ‘what’s going on right now’ feel with twitter feeds and Facebook plugins and the like.  That’s great for some people and many discussion but it really depends what you’re into.

Whereas the Carecure forums are aimed more at serious topics the Apparelyzed Forums are aimed more at building a younger community which is more based around daily living and fun as opposed to finding out if wheelchair A is better than wheelchair B.

One great thing about the Apparelyzed community is that it also has several different resource directories which you can find out more information about a great deal of topics.  These are all situated on the homepage which makes it very useful and easy to find comprehensive information.

I’m not exactly sure who has more members but I’m a member of both forums and I find both forums are enjoyable places for interaction with other people who have in the past or still currently suffered from some kind of spinal cord injury.