Some Sad News About the New Forums

Although only a few of you managed to sign up to the forums I had to shut them down permanently because of a Plugin Conflict with my CSS editor.  Don’t understand what that means?  Neither do I – but I basically couldn’t make my website pretty without getting rid of them which isn’t as bad as it sounds because they were terriblly unprofessional forums.  The Mingle Forum WordPress Plugin was buggy, difficult to use and had almost no support.

If you’re interested in real forums I suggest Vbulletin – unfortunately I cannot yet afford them, but when I can I’ll be sure to add them onto this website.  For sure.

I’ll give a few updates about what’s going on at the moment and the progress/changes I’m making to the website.  Firstly I’m creating a newsletter with the latest information regarding important topics such as the ADA 2008 (which is actually an amended version of the Americans with Disabilities Act) and all aspects of driving.

This includes the equipment (of course), how to drive, tips, other people’s experiences and so forth.  If you want to feature in the upcoming newsletters or you have something to contribute please don’t hesistate to contact me.  You can do so via the ‘contact us’ button at the top and bottom of the webpage.

It really should be a contact ‘me’ button because this is a one man operation and so that will hopefully be changed at some point in the future.  Although I want to grow this into an organization I’m not sure how I should phrase things at the moment, I can envisage people working for me on this organization in the future and it seems like going back to change all the ‘Is’ to ‘Ours’ would be a real time waster.

You can sign up to the newsletter on any page and I’ll continue to redesign things to make them look more useful and more pretty (probably not in that order)… only kidding.

I really want my website to be professional and look professional – but having just turned 20 I’m not afraid to admit that I simply don’t have the experience yet to create such a thing.  What’s even  harder is an emotionless assessment of my website and thinking ‘what does it look like to someone else?’.  For me it’s my child.  I’ve had this website in one form or another for years now and I can’t look at it so objectively anymore.  I really want to be able to.

You see some websites which just look so amateur.  The kind of website which someone made using notepad and a 3 hours HTML programming lesson who hasn’t even heard of CSS or PHP or any of the things I’m slowly trying to understand.

The truth is that to create the number one successful disabled driving website I need to build a community who can help each other.  I need to personally help people.  I need to have newsletters and guides which I give away or perhaps sell.  I need products (either my own or other people’s) which are useful for people.  Hell I need a lot.

Even something as simple as Vbul’s forums will cost me 200 dollars for the basic edition or 300 for the more advanced one.  I want the more advanced one but as I said my funds are severely limited at the moment which obviously makes things a struggle.

So yes, the forums are dead – but they will be reborn.  I will make the site better and more useful than before.  I will create the community I want to.