New Forums to Arrive Soon!

Well.  Its been a long wait.  To be more specific its been around 6 months since the concept of a forum dedicated to disabled drivers was introduced.  Back then I faced personal financial scarcity and spending 200-300 dollars for great forum software wasn’t on the table… and I wasn’t willing to download (steal) an illegal copy.

Anyway, although this certainly isn’t a personal blog I have since gotten a reasonably well paid job as an English teacher in China and will soon have the money required for this new up and coming mobility forum!  The new handicapped mobility forums will be a great place to ask questions about specifically driving equipment for disabled people but also more general mobility questions.

If it involves both ‘moving’ and ‘being disabled’ in some way then I can pretty much guarantee that it’ll feature on the new forums in some way or another.

More good news is that VBulletin (probably the most popular forum software on the internet) has recently introduced Vbulletin 5 which means HHC will have the latest and best forums available for our disabled users!

I still think this website has a long way to go and at the moment I’m getting a few people visiting a day which is of course not good enough and I would prefer to see hundreds of people surfing the forums, chatting with other users and gaining more information, knowledge and friends.

The great thing about the new forums is that there are social networking features that allow users to have a really unique experience.  For example they can write their own blog posts, uploaded images and galleries and so forth.  It’s almost like having your own website! It’s almost like an even simpler version of WordPress in a sense.

Anyway, I’ve just dropped by to write this blog post and let you all know that I’m going to keep working on until it’s portal for disabled people to come for an enjoyable, relaxed and informative visit.

Hope to see you soon!