Deciding on Which Direction to Take HHC

One of the hardest things about creating this organization from scratch is knowing what to do next.  There’s a small mountain of work ahead of me which clearly makes prioritization a key goal.  What’s the best effective tool for letting users discover me and how can I best serve their informational needs?

This is further made difficult by my own struggling financial situation, if I had the 300 dollars I would get some sexy forums installed for everyone to enjoy.  But it’s just not possible for me at the moment.

One great thing is my newsletter which was installed very recently and been fairly successful at getting subscribers, it’s going to be a monthly thing with some good general purpose information – so if you think that’s for you then sign up.

There are essentially several main different areas I can work on with regards to HHC with the first being its core product content.  I’ve nearly finished all of the products for MPD but there are still a few areas which need to be looked at.

Secondly there’s what I like to think of as regimenting of the manufacturer’s products – all the pages are a little different, their formats are slightly different and so on.  It’s not good for the user, it all needs to look the same, be informative and as useful as possible – as well as linking to other relevant information people will find useful.

Although this blog is essentially about my construction of the website there’s definitely going to be a cross over into my personal life.  Where to start.  I’m currently working part time as a teacher in China, but I’m facing a hefty 850 dollar bill if I want to get a business visa and stay for a year.

This is really important because schools want full time teachers who can stay for one academic year which basically means I have about a month to pull it together and find a good job.  It’s fun teaching kids!

But at the moment I have perhaps around 1.2k usd (liberal estimate) so that kind’ve cash will destroy me, I mean literally destroy me.  It’s going to be super difficult for me to survive but at the same time without that visa I can’t earn big money and I might have to wait months and months for a teaching job because they’ll mainly all go come September.

If I can get a good job it means a few important things for the progression of this website.  Firstly I can outsource some of the article writing out and hire some people to write about non-specialized topics.  I consider myself very knowledgeable about hand controls but the reality is that I want only perfect information for that.

More generalized information about (for example) the Americans with Disabilities Act is something I can get people to write for me – but made properly relevant to the context of this website it would be a useful resource.

Secondly it would allow me to invest in cool things like the forum, better images, a better look and more useful on-site applications.  Wouldn’t it be cool if we all had our own accounts, we could post our own stories and content, message other users for help and advice.  That’s all possible… if I had the cash of course.

The way I see things is that it’s probably going to take a few months to get things to where I want them to be financially.  After deciding to continue travelling after I recovered from my own accident I’ve been always poor, always living on the brink of financial ruin – and it goddamn sucks.  It’s seriously horrible to worry about money all the time.

I’m waiting for the day when I can get out and buy myself some cool smart phone or tablet or any of the cool gizmos which are just fun to have.  It’s months away but I’ve waited 2 years so I can keep on waiting.

People always chase their dream but instead of chasing it I feel like I’m building up to it, one brick at a time.  Nothing wrong with that – I feel it’s the best and most productive way of looking at things.

For example I want a lot out of life.  I want a great body, therefore even though I’m quite slim I diet and do exercise.  It’ll take awhile but that’s okay.  I want to be a successful entrepreneur and one day sell my own disabled driving products, an ambitious goal certainly but if I own the number one disabled driving website then certainly it’s achievable.

I’m going to keep working and working away but to take this resource to the next level I need some cold hard $$$ and that’s going to take time.  Stay tuned in, I might start writing a personal blog about my life so drop me a message on my Facebook page if you think that’d be cool.