Big Price Variation when Purchasing Hand Controls

One thing which disabled drivers tend to over look is the price variation when choosing to purchase hand control which in many cases is very big.

Most people assume that if a manufacturer’s hand control costs one price in one disabled car dealership then it will cost the same (or a very similar price) in another one.  The reality is that the price is affected by the installation cost (which is self set and can vary dramatically) as well as the model cost which is self set (less variation but essentially prices are very open to change based on what the shop wants).

Let’s put this in perspective and take a look at some figures, starting with the installation cost which itself can generally reach around 50% of the total cost of the purchase.  This is based upon the amount of hours the mechanic requires for the installation times by the cost per hour.

Note:  It might be worth checking out our page on the vehicle hand controls cost to get to grips with everything.

A few important things to note is that you cannot purchase just the model and have it installed somewhere else.  Remember that the mechanic is trained specifically in installing the hand controls which the shop he works in sells.

He’s taken a specific training course and will be experienced with installing all the different models which they sell.

Furthermore you don’t know how long an installation takes; I only have average figures and believe me they can vary by a few hours.  Essentially they’re dictating the total installation price because a 2 hour installation they can say is 5 hours and you wouldn’t know any better.

The cost of the different models doesn’t change as much as the installation, but to give you some figures, let’s say a Monarch hand control installation takes 3 hours at 65 dollars an hour which equal 195 dollars – all it would take is for them to say it took 5 hours to incur an extra 130 dollar cost on your part.

The cost of the model itself doesn’t massively vary because it’s less open to manipulation because people tend to be better versed on the prices.

But again, inflating the price by just 50-100 dollars is unlikely to draw up red flags from a lot of people if you only know rough figures for basic permanent hand controls.

It’s important to recognize that negotiating a lower vehicle hand controls cost is a vital tool for saving potentially 200 dollars and perhaps more.

Or, considering permanent hand controls are so expensive it may be worth checking into an alternative to purchasing permanent vehicle car controls if you’re on a tight budget.

I would also say that purchasing the cheapest hand controls aren’t always the worst option, and picking a model which is suited more to your specific requirements as opposed to ‘general’ devices for paraplegics is going to be the best option.

Finally it might be worth checking out our page on vehicle hand controls installation warning if you want to find out more about what you should do when looking to install your vehicle hand controls.


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  1. sachin pal says:

    Sir i have prob is both legs i want to purchase a room wid hand controls can u tell what price dose it’ll cost to me ??

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