Best Portable Male Urination Bottle Kits of 2015

Simple urination bottles are used generally in the bedroom but are useful urination aids for outdoors travelling too.  The concept is very simple.  A bottle large enough for a large amount of urine.  A hole which is the right size… for most men.  A lid to secure the contents.  This article is regarding some of the best portable urine bottles of 2015.  By ‘best urine bottles’ I don’t mean the most expensive, but a compromise between quality, style, price and of course utility.

The Model DYND80235H Male Medline Urinal is a translucent plastic bottle with a handle and lid.  It weighs half a pound and can hold up to 32 ounces of urine (or other liquids!).  It’s incredibly cheap at only $4.00 from  It’s one of your most standard basic pee bottles available for men.  Going up the length of the bottle there is a line marking the volume amount at each level.  The bottle is square is structure, allowing for both horizontal and vertical positioning without the chance of falling over (unless pushed of course).

Medline Urinals - Male Urinal, Translucent

Medline Urinals – Male Urinal, Translucent

When choosing between different urination bottles for men there are really just a few things to consider.  Firstly there’s the color.  Do you want a translucent bottle which allows you to see the color (and quantity) of your urine?  This can be useful for monitoring your urine quality and amount.  On the other hand obviously seeing the quality and color of your urine all the time can be off putting – especially if it’s a family member or loved one who will be changing and emptying the bottle.  If indeed there is any discoloring of your urine it will be noticed when the contents of the pee bottle is emptied.

Next there’s the 32 oz Deluxe Glow in the Dark Lid Medline Pee Bottle.  This is almost exactly the same as the first pee bottle aid I mentioned in the second paragraph.  Its one special feature is that it’s a glow in the dark model.  This makes it especially useful for nighttime use when searching around in the dark can cause frustration.  Aside from that slight difference it’s actually exactly the same as the first model.  Note that the glow in the dark feature is referring to the lid only.

2 Pc 32 oz Deluxe Male Urinal Glow in the Dark Lid Medline Pee Bottle

2 Pc 32 oz Deluxe Male Urinal Glow in the Dark Lid Medline Pee Bottle

Finally there’s the Spill Proof Male Urinal Aqua Color.  This is a non-translucent pee bottle which means you cannot judge how much urine there is and what color it is too.  One other useful feature of this urine bottle aid is that it features a non-spill tube that’s roughly average flaccid penis size.  This allows the penis to be inserted into the narrow tube and reduces (if not totally eliminates) the chances of splash back.

Spill Proof Male Urinal Aqua Color

Spill Proof Male Urinal Aqua Color


I would actually highly recommend this urination aid for this single advantage.  Using a pee bottle on a daily basis when there’s a small chance of splash back (when using the first two devices) is going to create a substantial mess over periods of prolonged use.  Almost totally eliminating splash back will even create a mess over long periods of time – however it will substantially reduce the volume.

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