So which are the best Hand Controls?

A question I tend to get asked are which are the ‘best’ hand controls to go for, and in some ways this can be pretty irritating.  There aren’t really any ‘best’ because what’s best for someone isn’t going to be best for someone else.  It all depends on the person’s condition.

If I were to inaccurately state a ‘best’ hand control I would probably go for Menox.  The problem right away is that although their designs are enviable for most people it won’t be suitable for everyone and furthermore they’re very expensive at around 2000 dollars.  To some people they definitely are the best Hand Controls but most people don’t have that kind of money to fork out.  Some people may be able to operate the accelerator but not the brakes or vice versa.  Seeing as Menox only caters for one type of person who generally cannot use their legs to operate the vehicle at all I’d recommend Guidosimplex if you want brake or acceleration only controls.  They’re superior for your purpose and also substantially cheaper.

If you’re on a low budget under 200 dollars then you’re going to have to start looking for second-hand, hand controls by manufacturers such as Drive Master to get the best bargains.  If you have around 300-500 dollars then you’ll be wanting to aim at either MPS/MPD for first hand sets.  These are the choices for most people because they have the core aspects required for driving a car at a reasonable price.  A reasonable price at a reasonable product as opposed to Menox which is a great product at an inflated premium price.

When you’re looking into hand controls the first things you need to assess is what you need to safely drive.  Not everyone is capable of the quick switching between steering wheel, turning signals and hand controls which the likes of MPS/MPD/Driver Master require.  Some people just need to have either Viegel, GuidoSimplex or Menox hand controls because their ease of use makes driving not just possible but most importantly safe.

Just remember that safety should always come first, and a lot of people would like to say that disabled driving is as easy as regular driving.  It’s just not, it can be done safely, but finding the right equipment which matches up to your condition is critical.

If you need help financially then there are disability support programmes in both the U.S. and U.K. which offer financial aid.  For example the U.K. has a Disability Living Allowance which is on offer to those with serious disabilities that put them out of work or increase significant financial burdens upon the individual.

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