Benefits of Permanent Hand Controls for Motor Vehicles

There are a number of benefits and downsides to using permanent hand controls for motor vehicles, this article is going to discuss the benefits mainly but briefly the disadvantages too.

To start with you’ll find that permanent installations allow for several different technology type additions such as mechanical linkage, electronic and hydraulic hand controls.  Mechanized devices are easier to operate when the device itself requires manual usage, electronic hand controls allow for acceleration/braking at the push of a button and finally hydraulic models still require manual use but vastly less force is required.  The benefit of these over electronic devices is that they allow for a much greater level of control over your vehicle as opposed to pushing a button.

Benefits Permanent Hand Controls for Motor Vehicles

Aside from these technological benefits they’re also far more flexible with regards to customization options.  Their placement within the vehicle, the angle which it’s set at, the handle shape and design and color as well as several other key aspects of personal preference customization are far more likely with permanent hand controls.  These are either incredible limited, or not possible at all with portable devices.

You’ll find that these types of permanent motor vehicle hand controls are far easier to use for longer periods of time, for example on long journeys.  If you’re not going to be using them a lot then I would suggest they’re perhaps not the best option, especially if you’re on a limited budget because they will definitely cost at least 2-3 times more than portable devices.

Benefits of Permanent Hand Controls for Motor Vehicles

However when it comes to aspects of handicapped driving such as taking your disabled driving test with motor vehicle hand controls the fact that they’re so much easier and more comfortable to use will definitely work in your favor and will pose a significant advantage; especially if you’re not a particularly strong or experienced driver.

One aspect which you’ll definitely have to look into is locating a disabled car dealership for motor vehicle hand controls and this can be very easy… a quick Google search could show numerous shops close by.  On the other hand if you’re living in a sparely populated area it can severely restrict the choice of the hand control model you can purchase, as well as limiting the natural price differences which will make it harder for you to make savings on your purchase.

It’s certainly worth looking into all the different types of motor vehicle hand controls so you’re aware of what model is perfectly suited to a specific disabled condition.

You’ll certainly feel far more secure with permanent installations, especially if you’re learning how to drive with vehicle hand controls and I would definitely recommend them for the vast majority of people.

They do cost significantly more, and unless you’re buying a semi-permanent device which allows for able-bodied driving the chances are that your vehicle will only be able to be driven by a disabled driver.  This really plays in with those on a limited budget who are unable to purchase (or use) a separate vehicle and all the associated costs and taxes which relates to this.

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