Automobile Hand Controls

When you’re looking for hand controls to be used with automobiles there are several different stages which you need to be aware of to make sure you don’t encounter any problems and proceed to drive safely as a disabled person.

Firstly it’s important to find out if your car or automobile is suitable to be used with hand controls and which type of hand control.  Some manufacturer’s models simply will not be able to be installed on your vehicle, just as some have far more universal installations.

Automobile Hand Controls

Secondly it’s important to find out which out of all the different hand controls for cars is the most suitable for your requirement.  Finding what can be installed and then whether it’s suitable for you is most likely going to be one of the more difficult things you’re going to have to do, this will be made worse if you live in an area which is sparsely populated.

Next you need to determine which type of installation will benefit you the most, you choice among the various vehicle hand controls are either for a portable, permanent or semi-permanent installation.  Generally we’d actually guide people away from portable versions in some scenarios because there’s less of chance that they’ll be the best suited.  However under certain circumstances they’ll definitely be the best choice.

Actually finding somewhere to purchasing your car hand controls can be a problem, and if you’re from America you may have a much tougher time finding somewhere because it’s such a large and spread out country.  However if you’re from the UK then there’s a strong likelihood that you won’t have any problems whatsoever.

Set of Automobile Hand Controls

Another important aspect is choosing the correct technology (if any) which is added to most hand controls for vehicles.  This is important for people who either want extra assistance for an easier driving experience, or who due to their disability or other ailment require assistance in using their hand control set.

If you’re interested in finding out every single aspect of disabled driving than utilizing this website will help you find out everything you need to know.  You can navigate through and find out information regarding each single manufacturer’s product for the US, UK and Europe.

You can find out more about which hand controls are the best for you based on your specific requirements; your budget, disability requirements, location as well as other barriers.

The reality is that there’s very little information regarding hand controls and this website is the only non-profit disabled driving website.  Most other websites are trying to sell their product or promote their brands it’s important to recognize that this isn’t what we’re trying to do here.

The actual cost of hand controls is a significant problem for a lot of people with permanent installations generally being both preferred but the most expensive.  The cheapest price for the model and installation is likely to be around 600-700 dollars, but this figure doesn’t include the peripheral costs.

These are your vehicle tax (potentially you may be exempt), your driver’s insurance (potentially if your disability/ailment increases the chance of suffering an accident this will be higher than for able bodied people), as well as peripheral driving equipment such as steering knobs or pedal guards.

There will also soon be a forum opening up which will help you in sharing your experiences with other handicapped people, as well as see suggestions.

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  1. I am handicapped from both legs. I want a hand controlled car with right sided steering. I would like to confirm weather you can supply 1000cc car of any maker but I would prefer Toyota, Honda or Daihatsu. I will be waiting for your reply.

    Dr.Tasneem Kousar

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