Auto Hand Controls

Auto hand controls for disabled drivers are designed to allow the average handicapped person the freedom to drive independently of help using only your hands.

One aspect of disabled driving which people sometimes overlook is the actual purchasing and installation, how much they cost and how everything’s handled.  To start with this post will go over how to find hand controls, have them installed – as well as rough costs involved for specific categories of hand control.  These categories include the manufacturer (example Menox), technology involved (example mechanical linkage), type ( example accelerator only) as well as several other factors which I’ll concisely discuss a little later on.

Auto Hand Controls

Auto Hand Controls

The first thing you need to do is locate a disabled car dealership which is within a reachable distance.  This can be done by searching Google, asking disabled friends or the old fashioned way by using resources such as the Yellow Pages.  Make sure to find several local shops you can visit, having just one is a big mistake because you can’t make direct comparisons.  It’s also useful to make sure they’re not all run by the same company/people, because you want receive the benefits of differences in price or opinions.

After this, it’s worth checking out what different Hand Controls for Disabled Drivers they actually have to make sure they’re suitable for you.  Here it’s the case that you need to ring up and write down what they have, it’s worth noting down the product number because some manufacturers have lots of very similarly named models.

After this you should do a little online research to find out whether their devices are suitable, and then assuming they are, it’s time to check out the prices for their various models.  Remember that there are three factors which affect the total cost – the cost of the model, the cost per hour of the mechanic, how many hours the mechanic takes for installation.

Set of Auto Hand Controls

Set of Auto Hand Controls

Finding the best prices for Disabled Hand Controls isn’t like negotiating for a second hand car, but it should be for reasons I’ll outline.  To start with just remember that they’re essentially a middleman, taking profit from both you and the manufacturer – they don’t produce anything, just sell it and install it.

As such when there are substantial profits involved you can very much expect them to want to sell you as much as they can, for the most that they can.  Remember that the total costs involved involve both the installation and the price of the actual model.  If they say it takes the mechanic 5 hours to install the device when it only actually takes 2 hours then you’re not going to know the real time frame.  If the mechanic is charging let’s say 65 dollars per hour then you’re instantly losing 195 dollars just for the installation.

When inquiring for the prices you need to make sure that you get all the costs involved, specifically the total installation costs.  Negotiating should take place, and this is where visiting multiple disabled car dealerships helps because you can directly compare the prices and most importantly give you leverage for reducing the costs.

Selling the set including the installation can easily cost around 700 dollars in total, so the profits they make are going to be worth reducing the total price they earn if it means potentially losing the entire sale.

Hand Controls Auto

If you’re a prospect disabled driver looking for Handicap Hand Controls for Cars then it’s important for you to recognize that you need to take a strong stance on people trying to profit from you.  There are reports of unscrupulous dealerships, with the most common problem being that they’re setting a figure for installation which is several hours longer than is necessary.

After locating what you want and a suitable price then (if possible) you should try and arrange some sort of test drive, which of course won’t be possible in many cases – but it is possible to rent a car with hand controls for a few days, and most of them have a variety of the most common Car Hand Controls for Disabled so it’s worth testing them out beforehand because you could easily end up with a model you’re going to have for a decade or so.

If you pick something and it feels uncomfortable you certainly don’t want to be burdened with it, and it’s the little things such as having a spherical knob as opposed to a horizontal angle which just feels a little awkward in your hand that can really frustrate handicapped drivers; espeically over a long period of time.

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