Assistive Equipment for Spine Injury Victims

There are various different types of equipment which are sold to people with spinal cord injuries to aid them in their daily life.  In this page I’ll be talking over some specifically useful types of assistive gear as well as providing general helpful information.

One incredibly useful type of independent mobility equipment is driving controls which can be installed onto cars and vans.

  • This allows the disabled person to drive his/her car once more after learning to drive again.
Assistive Car Equipment for Spinal Cord Injuries

Lightweight wheelchairs work perfectly in tandem with the installed car equipment and provide back a real sense of freedom and independence for handicapped drivers.

  • Being able to drive again allows for easy day trips where the disabled person is in charge and literally behind the wheel.

Other useful equipment which can be used in the home or on day trips would be a reach extender which allows for anywhere from 10-20 inches of extended reach depending on what you buy.

What’s more is that these are very cheap and can be purchased online for only around 10-20 dollars which makes them incredibly popular for most people.

  • Installations within the house take place in a few key areas where accidents tend to take place with one of these being the bathroom.

Hand rails are a must and there are lots of different types of important installations which must take place to ensure safety.

Disability Equipment for the Bathroom

Having someone pick you up and lower you into the bath can be dangerous – especially if they’re too weak or you’re too heavy.

On the other hand if you have a electronic bath cradle to carefully lower you in then you reduce the chances of being injured.

There are really two different types of purchases you can make:

  • You can buy devices which are a necessity with regards to your safety.
  • You can buy devices which make day to day activities more comfortable.

The truth is that for most cases the driving tools I mentioned above aren’t a necessity for daily safety – but my firm belief is that there surely needs to be a middle ground between gear which is essential for safety as well as essential for comfort and excitement.

As someone who was temporarily disabled myself after a jet skiing accident, I certainly recognize the importance of assistive devices, just as I recognize that we need constant stimulation lest boredom becomes our real enemy and not the condition who suffer.

Ultimately I think one aspect of starting to drive again which is overlooked is the rehabilitation for spine cord injury victims who want to get behind the wheel again.

It’s very easy to ‘want’ something and purchase some online equipment; on the other hand actually sitting in the car again can be a traumatic experience – especially since statistically most SC injuries were caused by car collisions.

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