Assistive Driving Equipment for Paraplegics

When it comes to driving as someone with paraplegia there comes the need for various different types of equipment to aid in driving.

Without this equipment then driving is impossible and you’ll find that there are several different types of equipment which this page will briefly look into.

The first and most important are hand controls, which allow for the driver’s hands the ability to activate the floor pedals.  Usually these hand controls are installed with a straight handle or spherical knob close to the steering wheel, with metal rods reaching down and attached to the floor pedals.

There are a dozen different manufacturers all with significant variations in sophistication, price and functionality.  You can utilize this website to find out what’s right for you.

Assistive Driving Knob for Disabled Usage

Once you have these driving controls installed it’s then necessary to have installed peripheral equipment which will work in conjunction with them.

A good example would be a steering knob, which are actually banned n many countries including the USA because they turn the steering wheel too quickly.

On the other hand for handicapped people they’re legal for the reason that generally the driver will only have one hand on the steering wheel and the other on the handle for their driving controls.

This can make turn the wheel difficult because they only have one hand, and hence the steering knob aids them in turning the vehicle.

Hand Controls Driving Equipment for Paraplegia

Pedal guards are also viewed as very important because they stop the pedals from accidental engagement which would interfere with driving.

Believe me when I say there are hundreds of different piece of assistive equipment to help the driver, but the most difficult challenges which you’ll face are finding what’s right for you in terms of functionality and also finding if you can actually buy it from a disabled car shop close to you.

The reality is that in countries such as the United States there’s a very low population density because the country is so massive.  This can make it difficult to find what you want even if you manage to get a good idea in your head of what you need; you may be limited to what the shop has in store which may not always be completely suitable for you.

There’s a lot of different driving equipment for your car which you need to look into, but the first and most important thing are your hand controls.

After that it’s simply about finding what makes you comfortable to drive with or items which you require for safe driving.

Finally, depending on whether you’re going to have your own car or share a car you’ll also learn that there are many products which are quick release allowing for able bodied driving of your vehicle.

This is especially useful for those on a tight budget who cannot afford their own car but instead want to share a car for occasional usage.

It’s possible to have a car which is either completely functional for both able bodied and disabled use, or to have a car which simply requires for the additional gear to be removed.

Most of the more advanced and expensive driving systems cannot be removed because they require more complex integration with your car’s systems and chassis.

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