Are Car Hand Controls Worth the Trouble and Cost?

If you’re thinking about becoming a disabled driver one question you need to ask yourself is whether buying car hand controls are worth the cost, as well as the stress and troubles associated with their purchase and installation.

Most handicapped people tend not to recognize exactly how much effort and how much money the entire process of becoming a handicap driving entails.  There’s the requirement for the location of (preferably) several car dealerships, finding the right model which caters best to your requirements at the lowest possible price, installation and of course the actual driving itself.

Car Hand Controls Worth the Trouble and Cost

Car Hand Controls Worth the Trouble and Cost?

All of these things can take a lot of time, and if you’re unlucky to live in an area where there are few disabled car dealerships then even the process of locating and travelling to them can become a time draining hassle.

If you only want to embark on occasional driving then looking at portable hand controls might be a good option, because they’re cheaper, self removable and are delivered straight to your house.

The car hand controls cost for a permanently installed device can cost on average around 700 dollars including the price of the model itself as well as the installation which tends to cost around 40-50% of the total price.

It might be worth reading into the difficulties in finding the cheapest hand controls cost for cars if you want to find out a further few problems and solutions.

Unfortunately some people do face problems with the cost of car hand controls because you need to account for the cost of car insurance (potentially this may be higher if your disability increases your risk of being in an accident), as well as for the vehicle itself and the peripheral costs of car equipment such as steering knobs or length extenders and the various other items which you may well need.

Are Car Hand Controls Worth the Trouble and Cost?

If you’re looking for the cheapest devices then it’s worth looking into how the car hand controls technology type affects the cost so you can see what your hand control will achieve at what cost.  You’ll find that hydraulic and electronic hand controls are the best, mechanized slightly cheaper – and those without any sort of extra assistance the cheapest.

Most people do not need electronic/hydraulic devices and these are for people who are severely weakened from their disability or another ailment.  Electronic hand controls allow activation at the mere pressing of a button, hydraulic devices allow for the greater degree of precision control which is lost with using a button whilst significantly lowering the amount of effort required for usage.

Mechanized hand controls are the most common and this allows for a linkage in the cables/chain which reduces the input of effort required and allows for a smoother and easier action.  Generally if there’s any extra technology added you’ll find it’s this mechanical linkage.

If you’re interested in learning more than it might be worth checking out our page on finding the cheapest possible hand controls which outlines methods to finding the best deal you can.  You’re not going to save 50% of the entire price, but several hundred dollars is more than possible if you follow what we outline.

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