Presenting our new BMTech Colors Quick Fit Spinner Knobs!

When it comes to the world of spinner knobs there have been traditionally been two main types.

The first being fun and cheap $10-20 mass produced made in China spinner knobs.  These tend to use crude plastic and cheap metals and while they tend to have ‘cool’ designs they also break easily and cause significant damage to the steering wheel, as well as being incompatible with many steering wheels and taking a long time to install and remove.

The second type tends to be a more serious moulded plastic spinner knobs with a secure base, designed for serious steering wheel turning, designed to last a life time and generally aimed at handicapped drivers.  These cost around $90-120!

So here at BMTech we thought, why not combine the quality of a moulded plastics and a high quality durable product with a quick-fit steering wheel clamp – at a more reasonable price!  The result?

BMTech Colours Quick Fit Spinner Knobs Facing Forwards

Our BMTech Color Quick Fit Spinner Knobs.  The plasticised silicone provides stability and strength while also a good degree of flexibility.  The unique steering wheel jaw clamp is bendable, but snaps straight back into its original shape.  This allows for installation and removal in seconds, without requiring a professional mechanic.  Furthermore, it’s soft to the hand, while still retaining a huge amount of strength.

BMTech Colours Quick Fit Spinner Knobs Angled View 2

It works perfectly as a palm spinner, and its lack of exterior metal parts mean no damage is delivered to the steering wheel, while its soft but strong exterior feels supple, flexible and yet will snap back rigidly!  Having no hard-plastic parts on the exterior prevents the Colors Quick Fit Spinner Knob from being broken, and having no metal parts where the spinner knobs attaches to the steering wheel means no steering wheel damage!

BMTech Colors Spinner Knobs Set Up

Finally, the moving parts on the inside of the spinner knob are metal, allowing for the same ease-of-use as much more expensive handicapped spinner knob kits, while being a fraction of the price.