An alternative to purchasing permanent vehicle car controls

Most disabled drivers will opt towards purchasing permanent vehicle car controls, but there are alternative and sometimes superior options which are generally significantly cheaper.

Permanent hand controls obviously come with their benefits; generally far superior functionality – but they come with their downsides too.  These are that they’re much more expensive than portable models, and they’re also unable to allow an able-bodied driver to be able to drive the vehicle.

When looking at portable hand controls you make the price savings in two different ways, the first is that the model itself is significantly cheaper – generally by several hundred dollars at least.

You can buy a decent set of websites such as and for just 250 dollars, more expensive models are around 350 dollars – but you won’t get more expensive than this.

Next, they don’t require installation which itself generally costs several hundred dollars – perhaps around 200 dollars for a decent set of admittedly basic but reliable hand controls.

If you look at the prices a permanent set installed on your car can easily cost around 500 dollars for the device and 200 dollars for installation.  Buying a portable set is around 250 dollars, perhaps another 10 dollars for delivery if it isn’t included in the price – but ultimately the vehicle hand controls cost is around one third of the price.

This doesn’t mean you can’t lower the cost of permanent devices by negotiating a lower vehicle hand controls cost, but this may not save you enough money – or if you live in an area where there are very few disabled car dealerships it may not be economically viable to end up driving hundreds of miles if the savings you make will be lost in gas money.

You can save money by recognizing the big price variation when purchasing hand controls but if your choice is limited then so are you options.

I think it’s important to recognize that the cheapest hand controls aren’t always the worst as many of the disabled driving manufacturers would like you to believe.  Finding a product and model which cater more specifically to your requirements can make all the difference.

Small aspects such as the angle of the handle which your hand rests on not being adjustable can cause major problems, especially if you’re driving a lot.  It may only be slightly annoying, but over time it’s certainly going to become a source of frustration – especially when you find out that there are similar and perhaps even cheaper models which allow the customization options which you desperately want.

It’s very easy to overlook the little things which overtime can really annoy you, it may also be worth checking out our page on vehicle hand controls installation warning to make sure you get to grips with the installation of permanent devices if that’s the course you want to choose.

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