ADA Amendments Act 2008 and Disabled Driving

Ultimately I strongly believe that one real let down by the American government has been the deterioration of the original Americans with Disabilities Act.

Ultimately the original Americans with Disabilities Act was created to afford equal rights and anti-discriminatory measures in favour of disabled people.

Unfortunately this was worn down with multiple legal cases – generally large companies or corporations fighting against handicapped workers who wanted to create a better situation for themselves.

Companies such as Toyota Motors were classic examples and these Supreme Court Decisions eroded away how being disabled was defined, and hence what rights were granted.

Americans with Disabilites Act Amendments

Thankfully the laws for driving with a disability are certainly now in a much stronger position due the 2008 Amendments Act which was designed to assist the original law in terms of clarity with regards to defining a disabled person – and reversing previous Supreme Court rulings which were seen as favoring the employer and not the employee.

Ultimately the main goal was to create a fair medium towards rights for the employee in terms of assistance and non-discrimination and make sure the employer wasn’t too hardly affecting with regards to the extra money which needed to be spent.

US Supreme Court

The US Supreme Court!

Thankfully there have only rarely been issues with disabled driving, and especially with the advent of handicapped driving equipment there’s little reason for there to be discrimination against drivers who are paraplegics or otherwise seen as disabled.

As long as the driver is able to pass his/her test like everyone else then there isn’t a case for discrimination, unless they have an ailment which does affect their driving but doesn’t occur frequently enough to show up in the test – in which case informing a doctor for a medical evaluation of whether they’re fit to drive is the correct course of action.

If you’re interested in reading the entire act then you can visit the ADA Amendments Act on the official American government website.


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