Accelerator Only Hand Control for Disabled Drivers and Cars

There are a few reasons why buying accelerator only hand controls to be used in the car for disabled drivers is a far better option than buying a set of regular ones.  Find out more below.


In most instances you’ll find that this type of disabled driving equipment is perfect for people who still can use one leg for their brakes.  The advantages are obvious to everyone, two arms and a leg to driving is better than just two arms.  What’s more is that you can save money at the same time – however is one warning I would give if you have a disease which is slowly causing the loss of motor functions in both legs – albeit slowly.  Considering you’re most definitely going to be paying hundreds of dollars for your acceleration control for your car, it may be worth thinking about whether it’s economically viable when you’re going to potentially have to buy an entire new handicap hand driving set later on.  It’s just food for thought however.

You’ll find that there are a number of different options for you to choose from, although personally my favorite is GuidoSimplex.

They have two really great products which I’ll talk about – they have an acceleration wheel and acceleration cursor.  These work independently and you do not need to have any kind of braking control installed alongside.

The acceleration wheel sits over the steering wheel and is a semi-permanent hand control.  This means it has permanent fittings but its action point can be removed.  This allows the vehicle to be driven by non-disabled people when necessary, but still allows for the level of sophistication which permanent installations enjoy.

It’s incredibly ease to operate and you just have to push down on the wheel to accelerate and reduce the pressure to slow down.  The cursor works very similarly and it’s comparable to a pen, with the ‘click’ top of the pen being what you push to make the car go faster.  To slow down you simply release the pressure, this is kept in between your fingers whilst driving and is a cheaper option to the wheel.

There are some controls which are simply regular handicap hand controls, but instead of having the brake section there’s just nothing there.

I personally don’t like this kind of design and it’s just far inferior to having a GS (or other manufacturer’s) acceleration dedicated device.  It’s not just that they’re specifically designed for the job at hand, or that they’re removable – it’s that they can be used in conjunction with other fantastic products in case of further injury or if your other leg becomes unusable.

One really fantastic combination is the acceleration wheel with a brake only fitted too.  The wheel means that you don’t need to take your hands of the steering wheel and they have a number of brake only devices.  This allows you to attach the brake to the sterring wheel – so instead of having to have one hand on the wheel like almost all other companies then GuidoSimplex allows you to actually keep both hands on the wheel.

I think it’s worth noting that the reason that I am talking so much about GuidoSimplex is that when it comes to innovative hand controls they’re one of the main leaders.  Most of the other big companies like MPS or Mobility Products and Design are quite limited in the sense that they tend to only cater for people who are completely disabled from the waist down.  GS really goes against this approach and as you can see from above has a more flexible range to cater to the needs of disabled drivers.

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