Our Team


Find out more about our highly experienced, qualified and honest team below.  We’re regular people who provide a great service.  This page currently contains information on only higher ranked managers however we are soon planning to expand this page to include all our valued staff members regardless of their position.


Jonny BellAlice KennedyTom Wilkinson




Jonny Bell

Jonathan ‘Jonny’ Bell – Owner.

Jonny is the owner and president.  Although originally from the United Kingdom where he used to run the UK branch of his company he has since moved State-side choosing to live in Michigan.  His younger brother James is now in charge of the UK and European operation.


Due to the past and on going success of the US branch of the company Jonny decided to take the plunge and move to the United States so he could fully oversee operations.


Jonny is completely self made, never went to college and has ran several successful online businesses.  From the age of 18 he decided that despite his private education in England he wanted to go straight into business.  By the age of 19 he had opened his first profit making web store.


Jonny’s philosophy for selling products online is a simple one guided by a simple principle.  That is, to sell excellent products at reasonable prices with no checkout fees or taxes.  Just a simple honest transaction.  How can we sell our products so cheaply?  We have very few overheads because we operate out of a single warehouse and therefore we can pass on our savings to our customers!


Jonny frequently answers phone calls pertaining to the business and knows the products inside and out.  Jonny frequently travels the world and has spent extensive time in China, Vietnam and Thailand.  He can also speak reasonably good Mandarin Chinese (or so he believes!).



Warehouse Manager


Alice Kennedy

Alice looking her usual happy self!

Alice has worked at our company for almost two years now.  She’s the one who makes sure your package is sent out as soon as you’ve placed an order with us.  One of her most important jobs is to make sure that as soon as we’ve received payment we ship out the product from the warehouse ASAP – usually the same day.


Alice also makes sure to check addresses for errors, and correct them where necessary.  Alice is in charge of the entire warehouse operation and works 6 days a week to make sure that we run a slick operation.


Alice has years of experience in various managerial positions and has worked at numerous large companies in Michigan.  She has an MBA from the University of Michigan and is highly competent at managing our staff through her motto of ‘strict, but fair’.


On the lighter side of things Alice loves chunky peanut butter over smooth, has a cute cocker poodle called Rover and absolutely hates baked beans!



Sales Manager


Tom Wilkinson

Tom the bomb.

Tom is our sales manager and is in charge of our adept sales team.  He absolutely knows the products we sell inside and out and makes sure his team knows the same.


If you’re interested in buying handicap car equipment, whether for personal use or for your company it’s Tom you need to talk to.  He has been working with our company for over 3 years but more importantly uses hand controls and handicap car equipment himself!


If there’s anyone that knows the ins and outs of our products it’s Tom ‘the Bomb’ Wilkinson.  His team of young sales executives are well trained and well supervised under his command.


Tom never went to college preferring to go straight into work where his ability to get the job done over the decades has led to promotion after promotion and led to us seizing the opportunity to have him on board our team.


Tom loves everything about racing and race cars!  He has never let his disability hinder his ability to get behind the wheel and win a race – although nowadays he generally prefers to watch from the sidelines.