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I was only disabled for a short time but during that time I realize how difficult life was as a paraplegic as well as how little help and information there is on the internet.  It’s shameful that you can find out more about hairdryers then you can about many serious topics with regards to handicapped people.

My website covers all aspects of disabled driving – the equipment used (what to use, where to find out, inexpensive solutions), legal issues and learning how to drive once more – every detail of each of these topics is covered on my website.

Hand Controls


As one of the most important pieces of equipment for your car (or other vehicle) hand controls for disabled drivers are the first type of equipment which people have to look into.

There are essentially two places you can start:

Utilize these two pages above to find what’s perfectly suited to your situation.

Driving Equipment


Although you can drive a vehicle with just the driving controls the vast majority of disabled drivers also look for further assistive equipment to make driving easier and safe.

There are three main types of equipment in this category:

  • There’s handicapped equipment for cars which isn’t critical to safety but greatly reduces the stress and effort required in driving the vehicle.
  • There are steering wheel attachments which are important aids to help turn the wheel with just one hand as well as catering to different conditions affecting the hand (such as arthritis).



The rules regarding handicapped driving is one aspect of driving which is sometimes overlooked, see my page on the legal issues for paraplegic and disabled drivers which will allow you to get to grips with things if you’re from the United States and the United Kingdom.

For the United States you can see how the old ADA and the new Americans with Disabilities Act Amendment deals with driving as someone with a disability.

Learning to Drive


Starting driving again obviously takes time and so it’s worth reading my page on learning how to drive again which outlines the use of driving with driving equipment as a paraplegic or otherwise handicapped person.