See Handicap Driving Equipment and Assisted Mobility Tools

Aside from the equipment integral to driving as someone with a disability there’s also an array of useful accessories and equipment designed to allow for an easier and more comfortable driving experience.

CarCaddie Equipment for Exiting the Car


Getting out of the car can be a struggle because the inside ceiling handlebar is only on the inside meaning that on the outside you don’t have adequate support.

This device is useful for not only paraplegics, but the elderly, arthritis sufferers and many other people who have difficulties in lifting themselves out of the vehicle.

Standers CarCaddie

Handybar Tool for Entering and Exiting the Car


The Handybar Tool is a useful device for both entering and exiting the vehicle and it’s designed to fit around the car door hook.  Used in conjunction with the CarCaddie above allows for a secure grip handle on both sides.

If you only had to buy one then I’d recommend this simply because you can use the bottom of the opened car window for your hands but you certainly need an outer secure handle on the right side also.

Foot Lifter for Exiting and Entering the Vehicle


One issue for paraplegic drivers as well as anyone with a debilitating leg condition is that once the person has been transferred onto the driver’s seat getting their legs in the car is a problem.

Reaching down to pick up your own legs can be difficult for most people, and for those with arthritis or other complicating conditions it can make things incredibly difficult.

To make things worse is that most installed hand controls hang below the wheel and make getting your legs safely inside even more difficult.

Therefore the best solution to this problem is a foot lifter which is operated by the hand and allows the handicap person to reach out and hook their legs into its sturdy hook.  There are cheaper models out there but if you want something which is sturdy, light enough not to be burdensome and long enough to reach to your legs than this is the best option for most drivers.

One quick last thing I’ll leave you with is that unlike most of the other handicap car equipment I talk about this is useful around and the house for lots of different things and not just for using with your vehicle.

Foot Lifter for Disabled Cars

Swivel Seat for Entering and Exiting


Although I believe in all the above devices which I’ve recommended this one I’m less sure about because of the Amazon reviews.  It’s not that it’s doing badly but it doesn’t have the ‘glow’ which everything above has, and I’ve made sure to find only the best items which find that important compromise between safety and price.

This is perfect for drivers who have a foot lifter because once the driver is seated he or she can lift their legs into the car and swivel around on the seat.

It makes turning much easier and allows for the disabled person the ability to turn their own body using just their hands and interior (or exterior) handlebars.

On the plus side it’s very cheap which is perhaps which may go some way to explaining some of the negative reviews.

Car Chair Swivel Seat

Disabled Reach Extenders


Being in your car limits how far you can reach because you cannot move your body around, it’s especially difficult behind you and too your sides.  Using a reach extension device is useful for both the car and the home… especially for people who are disabled from the waist down.

Reach Extender Disabled Equipment

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